Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our New Fur Baby!!

Cheyenne now has a little sister, Sadie, who is also a dachshund. She is a dapple (color called black and blue) and she is 8 weeks old. We got her on Friday, from a lady who injured her back after getting the puppy and she could no longer care for her. We were so lucky that our daughter found out about her – she is a sweetheart!!

Sadie and Cheyenne are still getting acquainted but are getting along nicely. Cheyenne is very jealous right now but that will go away in time. We cannot wait to show her off to all of our full timing friends out there when we get back on the road again.

We should be working on getting everything ready to go next week and on the road soon!!


Playing with the toys!!

Playing with Cheyenne


 Snoozing…. zzzzzz….

Monday, May 23, 2011

Additional Update

Charley should be finishing up with our son, Jason, this week if all goes well. It is awfully hot here right now which could slow that down a bit. Regardless, we will need about a week to get things ready to go out west after this work is completed.

We have been keeping up with all you bloggers out there and are so envious of those of you who are “on the road”. We are so ready to get back out there and see more of this great country of ours!!

So, having said all of that, we hope to be on our way the first half of June, hopefully the week of 6/6 if not sooner. And we sincerely hope that this will be the last time that our travels get delayed. And I do not say this to complain, just that our delays have always been due to bad news and we would like to see an end to that!!

I did want to share a couple of pictures.

Our 2 oldest grandchildren, Jed and Morgan, after a ride with their Dad on their ATV….

Our youngest grandchild, Kaydee, just looking pretty


Charley shot this guy with a shotgun in our yard!! Oh my!!!!!! Jason thinks it was a copperhead. Cheyenne is the one who sounded the alert!! This is not good but one of the pitfalls of being in the country.

Safe travels to everyone and hope to see some of you in the next few months!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Update from SC

Well, it looks like we will be able to get back on the road in the next 2-3 weeks. We have a lot to do to prepare for this but we can do it!!

Charley and Jason (our son) should be finishing up in the next couple of weeks and we will need about a week to clean up and prep everything for the road.

We also have to sit down and map out our route (which we have not done yet – shame on us). One thing that we plan to do is to find a good place for a stop once we depart and stay there for a couple of weeks to give Charley a chance to rest up. He has been working very hard the last two months.

So, stay tuned and we will soon be sending updates from the road with pictures!!

Safe travels to you all!!