Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring Hill RV Park in Chapel Hill, NC

We have arrived in Chapel Hill and are parked and set up at the Spring Hill RV Park. We were beginning to think that we might be delayed but Brown’s finished what they could do by noon today so we made it!

As you heard two days ago we had a leak in our gray tank that had to be repaired and Brown’s actually replaced the galley tank and not the gray tank. Well, as it turns out that tank also had a leak so it would have had to be replaced anyway – so I guess that is a good thing. They did get the new valve in and installed that yesterday afternoon. Then they found that the new galley tank was not installed properly and was leaking. The tech finally determined that the sink drain line had to be lowered so that the pipe would fit into the tank. This is why there was a leak!! (Half-a$$ed job in our opinion). Not to mention the fact that Charley asked if they checked for leaks the first time around and was told yes, there were no leaks.

We still have to go back to get the second replacement for our gray tank installed (our original problem). So after all of that we are back to where we began, with our gray tank still leaking. We can survive with this problem by leaving the valve open so that water is not stored in the tank.

Needless to say, after we get our gray tank replaced and all is working well, more than likely we will never see Brown’s RV again!!

Note – I have my first appointment at the Duke fitness center on Tuesday and will let everyone know how that goes and what our plans will be for now. I believe we will enjoy our stay here more this time because our two fur babies are with us. We had to leave them with our daughter last time.

Happy New Year to all!! And safe travels!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well, Guess What??

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! We did but boy are we ever having a bad time right now!!

It is a rather long story but here goes…..

We are currently sitting in the lot of Brown’s RV, where we purchased our 5er. We had a leak in our gray tank that had to be repaired which we attempted to take care of before Christmas. We found that the leak in the gray tank had not been repaired after all. And the galley tank drain line had been cut in two. Charley asked why that line was cut and, as it turns out, they replaced the galley tank and not the gray tank!!! So all the water that was used in the kitchen sink went straight onto the ground!!

We never said a word about anything being wrong with the galley tank! The valve for the galley tank is now leaking and has to be replaced. A replacement is being overnighted so that it can be installed tomorrow.

This afternoon, since they already had our gray tank replacement, they installed that one. After checking on it, since the underbelly had been left off so it could dry out, Charley found that it was leaking!! He quickly went back to the service department and told them that they needed to check it. The tech found a hole in the “NEW” tank and another leak around the valve that could easily be fixed. However, now another tank has to be ordered – so another trip back to Brown’s RV will be necessary when we can get here from NC.

Let’s hope that the valve has no problems when it gets here!!

So we will be staying here probably through tomorrow night and leaving for NC Friday morning as planned. Brown’s has been told that we have to leave Friday for NC.

Charley keeps calling it an adventure!! I am here to tell you that this is NO adventure!! Smile

All I want is for our 5er to be all well again!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hurray!! We have our 5er back and all is well. We have moved back in and are so glad to be home!!

Hope everyone out there in blog land has a wonderful Christmas wherever you are!! And, as always, be safe!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

5er Still in Shop

Well, we are still living with our son and his family. When Charley called to check on the 5er last week he discovered that Keystone had sent the wrong gray tank for our replacement. So, they had to ship the correct one and it MAY be in by tomorrow!! Needless to say we are not very happy right now. This has messed up everything we had planned for this week and new arrangements had to be made for almost everything. Not to mention that we are having to continue to impose on our son and daughter-in-law!!

Not only are there Christmas preparations still needed, but I also have a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday that has to be done for Duke. I would be a much happier person in my own home!!

But, as Charley says, it is an adventure! However, this is not the type of adventure that I can cope with as well!! We will survive and we will get over our frustration eventually…. Keystone may have just lost a customer when we decide to purchase the next time…..

This is about all there is for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! God Bless you all!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Heard from Duke!!

We heard from Duke today. I have been approved for a double lung transplant based on certain conditions being met:

1. Must gain weight (and this is the #1 priority)

2. Must complete pulmonary rehab successfully

There are a couple of other, more minor things also.

Charley and I discussed where we felt I should do the rehab and we agreed that Duke’s facility would be the best. So, we have canceled our Rock Crusher Canyon reservation in Florida for Jan-Mar and have postponed our plans to go to Disney in April. We will be leaving for Chapel Hill on 12/30 and will be staying at the Spring Hill RV Park indefinitely. My rehab begins on Jan 3. After the above two things are successfully completed I will be subject to more testing at Duke before I actually make the list. Nothing as grueling as this past week though (I hope!!).

So even though many of you have already wished me well (and I thank you so much for that), please keep me in your prayers that all of this will be successful!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in SC

We arrived back at our son’s house at around 2:00 this afternoon. Dropped the 5er off at Brown’s RV to have some work done. We should have her back by Wednesday or Thursday.

Charley and I rested over the weekend and are almost back to normal for us. We will not be doing much for the next few days without our home so maybe we can get some more rest!! Smile

Thank you to all who posted comments regarding my evaluation at  Duke. There are so many wonderful people in this world and you all belong in this category!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Week at Duke Medical Center

Well, we finished our evaluation at Duke yesterday afternoon. It was five full days of medical tests and consultations that took its toll on our energy!! We were too tired to do anything but grab a bite to eat and crash every day.

We now will be waiting to hear the official word on my status by the end of next week. Based on what we heard this week, I will have to gain some weight and go through some pulmonary rehab before I make the list. We will be working on gaining some weight starting now until we get the official word on next steps for a lung transplant.

Duke is very thorough in their testing. I have never had a physical anything like what they put me through! It is good to know that they did not find anything else wrong that we know of right now.

We did meet a couple of transplant patients who have been through the surgery and are doing well. One lady we met was 13 days past her actual transplant and she looked wonderful and was so happy. Her story was very encouraging and she could not say enough about how it is all worth it and to do whatever it takes to get to the point of transplant. It sounded like she was in about the same shape that I am in when she first started the process.

So we will do what we can to put some weight on my skinny bones while we wait for the word. Will keep you posted on our progress.

We will be staying here in Chapel Hill until Monday morning and then will be heading back to our son’s place in Blythewood, SC. We have to drop the 5er off for some work on our way. She will be there for a couple of days getting her gray tank replaced and being checked for other possible leaks.

Safe travels everyone!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clemson Tigers Win!!!

Our Clemson Tigers won the ACC Championship last night!! We are so proud of them. Cannot wait to see the Orange Bowl!! And, amazingly enough, Charley and I actually stayed awake for the entire game!!

This afternoon we are planning to drive over to Duke and get our bearings for the week ahead. We will be going to 2-3 different facilities and need to make sure we understand where they are since our week starts at 7:30AM tomorrow morning! Planning to find a nice place for dinner while we are out.

More to come later. Be safe everyone!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Chapel Hill NC

We have arrived safely near Chapel Hill, NC and are checked in and set up at the Spring Hill RV Park. This is a very nice, wooded park with gravel sites that are very level. We will be here at least until the morning of December 12 when all of the testing has been completed. Not sure what might happen during next week but we will see.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Your kind thoughts and encouragement means a lot to me and Charley. We are very hopeful that Duke will approve me to move forward in their transplant program and that I may some day get back to a more normal life!! Keep me in your prayers!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Next 10 Days

For those of you who don’t know this, I (Sherry) have COPD. It has gotten progressively worse over the last year or so. My pulmonary doctor asked during my October checkup if I would be interested in being evaluated by Duke Medical Center for a lung transplant. Of course my answer was yes. Anything that could possibly improve my health would be welcome!!

It did not take long for the initial paperwork to be done but took a few days to get everything processed for insurance purposes. After that was completed we immediately received a call from Duke to schedule this for December 5-9. This will involve 5 days of testing before we will know if I am approved to go forward and get on the list for a transplant. We do not know much more than this at this point in time but we hope to learn a lot more while we are there.

We will be leaving for Durham, NC in the morning and will be staying at the Spring Hill RV Park in Chapel Hill, about 15 miles from Duke. I am hoping it will not snow!! Extra stress is not welcome!!

Safe travels everyone!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bad Weekend

Well, most of you probably already know that our Clemson Tigers failed to show up on Saturday night. They lost to the SC Gamecocks 34-13. We cannot figure out what has happened. Oh well, we just hope that they will win their game against Virginia Tech this weekend for the ACC title. Virginia Tech has been playing very well so it will not be easy if we do win. We beat them earlier this year but things have changed an awful lot!! We will have to wait and see…..

Hope everyone out there had a great weekend. Have fun and travel safe!!

* Thanks to all of our followers who commented on the picture of the fur babies looking out our window. We got a big kick out of them!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Special Picture of the Fur Babies!!

We had some unexpected visitors this morning. Our daughter, son-in-law and their two dachshunds, Dixie and Molly, came by to drop off some things. While they were here we got a great picture of them with our two looking out the window.

From the left – Molly, Cheyenne, Sadie, Dixie

The Four Weiner Dogs!!

Be safe out there!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hello from SC

Well, I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We should all be thankful for what we have including our family, friends and our freedom!!

We had a wonderful time with our daughter’s in-laws yesterday, and enjoyed the great food that was prepared for us all!! It was so nice of their family to include us.

We are now looking forward to the big football game tomorrow night between our great Clemson Tigers and the University of SC Gamecocks. Of course you all know who we will be pulling for…. goes without saying!

And no, we did not participate in Black Friday shopping today so I have no stories to tell about that! 99% of our Christmas shopping is complete and was done on-line!! Love it!

Be safe out there and have a great weekend!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Tigers Lose :(

Well, our Clemson Tigers decided not to show up to play NC State yesterday. They lost by a huge 37-13. This was quite a disappointment and should not have happened, even with Sammy Watkins out for the game. Oh well, the state rivalry against University of SC is this Saturday and we had better win this one!!

Hope everyone is doing well out there!! The soup and chili both turned out great. And the temps are back up in the 70’s now!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It’s Cold in SC

Well, it seems that winter has arrived here in SC!! Brrrr….. It was 28 last night and only reached 51 for a high today. It is supposed to warm up a little the first of next week.

We are getting ready to spend another weekend on football and auto racing. Our Clemson Tigers play NC State and our hope is that they will get another one in the win column. We will certainly be pulling for them.

While the game is on we are planning to cook a large pot of homemade vegetable beef soup and a smaller pot of hot dog chili in our son’s kitchen. We will eat some of it tomorrow, of course, and the rest will go into the freezer for some of those cold days!!

Hope everyone is either in a warm place for the winter or bundled up and staying warm!!

Safe travels!! Go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Tigers!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Clemson Tigers Win ACC Division Title!!

Our Clemson Tigers won a nail biter Saturday by 3 points, with a field goal at the very end of the game. But, a win is a win!! And they clinched the ACC Division Title too.

As you can tell it was another football and NASCAR weekend!!

Charley’s Dad has been with us since Wednesday of last week and has returned home today. Yesterday we all got together at our son Jason’s house for lunch, compliments of our daughter-in-law, Duffie. This was for Charley’s birthday and our grandson Jed’s birthday, who will be 12 tomorrow. As you can see, I haven’t had much time to worry about posting the last few days!! We didn’t even think to get the camera out either (shame on us!!).

Everyone is doing well on our end. Hope everyone out there is staying healthy and enjoying the fall weather, wherever you might be.

Safe travels!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Back at Home Base

We made it safely to our son’s front yard today and will be planning to be here through Thanksgiving and Christmas. After that we will be headed to Florida for the remainder of the winter. It was great to see our grandchildren after being away for a few weeks!!

I will be posting less frequently during this time but will do updates 2-3 times each week just to stay in touch.

We did make our stop at Brown’s RV and they took pictures of our gray tank that is to be replaced due to a leak. The company for our extended warranty has to approve the replacement before it can be ordered. So the 5er will have to go back to their service department when the part has come in. Charley feels better now that we have the ball rolling on this.

Safe travels everyone!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Packing Up

Today we have been packing up in preparation for our departure early tomorrow morning. We are leaving early to take the 5er by Brown’s RV. We need to get a leak in our gray tank checked out to see what needs to be done to repair it. We are not sure if the tank will have to be replaced or if it can be fixed. We will let you know…..

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Ocean Lakes the past 10 days. We enjoyed seeing our friends from Georgetown and all the great seafood!!

As a matter of fact, Charley almost convinced me to stay a few more days but we decided that we should get on back to see all our kids. We also are planning to get Charley’s Dad and let him stay with us for a few days. It is also about time to get started on Christmas shopping (especially since I do most of that on-line).

And we did not do any pictures on this trip. Amazing isn’t it?? Smile We have so many pictures of Myrtle Beach we just took a break this time.

Safe travels to all!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update from Myrtle Beach

Well, I have been a little lazy and haven’t posted for a few days but it has been rather quiet.

We spent a quiet day here at the campground on Monday, taking care of only a few small cleanup chores that needed to be done.

Tuesday was Charley’s birthday so he got the day off from chores. After he took his nap we went shopping for a new pair of boat shoes at the Bass Pro Shop for his birthday and I wound up spending more on me than him!! But that is usually the way it goes, right guys?

Then we went out to dinner at a seafood buffet (Crabby Mike’s) and it was so good!! We both ate too much then came back and became zombies for the rest of the evening.

Yesterday we did laundry and washed the 5er during the day. We were invited to dinner last night at the home of one of our friends (and Charley’s former boss), Jim and “Bear” Ross who live in Georgetown. We had some great food and even better company!! Our two fur babies went with us and were parked in the yard during our visit. Jim and Bear have chickens and cats. The chickens were a new experience for our two little ones. They did not know how to act when the rooster called out cockle-doodle-do!! The cats went into hiding…. We plan another visit when we are back on the coast of SC.

Safe travels to everyone out there!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tigers Lose!!

Tigers lose to Georgia Tech 31-17…. Sleepy smile

We are sad, yes. But a record of 8-1 is still a great season!! And we should end the season with at least 10 wins, if not 11….

And the amazing thing is that Charley and I managed to stay up for the entire game!!

Not much going on other than football and NASCAR this weekend here at the beach. Temps are very cool for this time of the year, low of 33 this morning! Not as bad as what the northeastern part of our country got though!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and being safe in their travels!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Myrtle Beach

We left Crooked Creek early this morning (7:00am) and arrived at Ocean Lakes Campground in Surf Side Beach at 1:00. Got all set up and then crashed!! We were both very tired from all the family activities and the travel. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and were glad we could leave my Mom and Charley’s Dad knowing that they were in pretty good shape.

We will be taking it pretty easy while we are here, visiting with some old friends, eating fresh seafood, giving the 5er a bath, giving the fur babies a bath, chilling,  and eating more seafood!!

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clemson Wins Again

How about those Tigers?? They won over the NC Tarheels 59-38 and are now 8-0!! Woo Hoo!!

Can’t resist bragging a little because we certainly were not expecting this from the team this year. We knew they would have a good season but never dreamed it would be this good!!

We went to my Mom’s this morning and visited with her for a few hours. She is doing pretty good considering the health issues she has. It was so good to see her!!

Charley’s Dad came out to the campground and spent the afternoon with us to watch the game. We are grilling burgers before we take him back home. We have also seen one of my sisters and nieces/nephews, grand nieces/nephews since we got here. So good to see them all!!

More later!! Safe travels to all!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Visiting Family

We travelled to Crooked Creek RV Park in West Union, SC today after a little bit of trouble getting out of our son’s yard. It had been raining for several days and we park the 5er at the bottom of a slight hill facing nothing but lawn. We started slipping and sliding because we did not have enough room to pick up speed in order make it. Our son came home from work and used his wheel drive Chevy truck to pull us out. He will certainly pick on us about that for a while!!

We arrived at Crooked Creek RV Park at about 2:00PM and had everything set up by about 3:30. Took a little longer because we had some family visit while we were doing this. We were so glad to see them all!!

We will be checking on my Mom and Charley’s Dad tomorrow morning and will be watching the Clemson football game against the NC Tarheels at noon. Then more visits with family. Planning to bring Charley’s 94 year old Dad out to the campground to watch the game with us.

We will be busy visiting while we are here so there may not be any updates until we get to the beach. However, if Clemson wins their 8th game of this season tomorrow I may have to update the blog and brag a little!!

Safe travels!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Update from SC

We have made some spur of the moment plans. We will be travelling to Crooked Creek Campground in Seneca, SC on Thursday and will be there for a few days to visit my Mom, Charley’s Dad and other family. On Wednesday, 10/26, we will travel to Myrtle Beach and will be at Ocean Lakes campground for about 10 days. This is what Charley wanted for his birthday that is coming up soon. So the travel bug has bitten us again!!

We do not understand why we cannot get our two fur babies to adapt to the full timing life style!!Open-mouthed smile We have tried and tried and tried….. Maybe we can work on that at the beach!!





Safe travels to all!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Clemson Wins!!

Well it was another football Saturday for us yesterday!! We enjoyed all of the games we watched but especially one. Our Clemson Tigers won again over Maryland 56 to 45!! Now 7-0!! Wow!! Hope the trend continues!!

Today has been another peaceful, quiet Sunday. We did a few clean up chores this morning, including bathing the two fur babies, but little else will be accomplished until it is time to prepare dinner.

If you have not visited Rick Doyle’s blog today you need to check it out at He has posted a wonderful tribute to Margie and Bruce who were killed in a tragic accident one year ago.

Not much else to report today!

Safe travels to all!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update from SC

Not much happening right now other than catching up on various doctor appointments, scheduling eye doctor visits for next week for both of us, and continuing to catch up on all that has been happening to our “kids”. “Kids” is the fun part!!

We are taking care of some fix-it projects on the 5er, one at a time. Spacing them out so that there is time left for r&r too!! Open-mouthed smile 

Also planning to give the fur babies, truck, and 5er a good bath as soon as the rain stops and it dries up a bit.

We hope that all of our blogger friends are having a great time wherever they are!

Safe travels.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clemson over BC 36 to 14!!

Our Clemson Tigers won their 6th straight football game yesterday. Now 6-0 and ranked 8th but may move up even more this week. The year has really turned out to be much more than was expected. Go Tigers!!

Charley, our son Jason, our daughter Stacey and our oldest grandchild Jed went to the game yesterday and had a great time. It was Homecoming as you will see in the pictures attached.

We are continuing to visit with our children and grandchildren since we returned to SC and will be visiting more family over the next couple of months as well. We also have some clean up and fix-it chores to take care of including, but not limited to, a bath for the 5er and truck.

Safe travels everyone!!

Homecoming decorations!!

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (17)

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (23)

Tillman Hall

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (24)

Inside Death Valley, just before kick-off

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (31)

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (36)

My four monkeys!! Love them all!!

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (35)

Can you tell that the predominant Clemson color is orange?? Rolling on the floor laughing

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Always an Adventure

We are back in SC!! We left Sevierville yesterday about 9:00 and arrived here in Blythewood, SC at about 2:15.

Got the 5er situated in it’s spot in our son’s yard but the power from his house is not working. This is the adventure!! We have an electrician coming today to check things out for us but in the meantime we are staying with our son.

Our blog updates may be less frequent until we head for Florida the end of December.

Safe travels to all!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About Time!!

Well, it’s about time I did a blog update!! Did not realize that 9/30 was my last one…..

We enjoyed the Gypsy Journal Rally immensely. Nick Russell knows how to organize an informative yet fun time for everyone. We hope to visit another one in the future. This is what the Mercer County Fairgrounds looked like after most of the rally folks had left.


We stayed the weekend and watched our football games and the race. Go Clemson Tigers!! Keep up the great work!! Enjoyed the peaceful time. Had dinner at the Dockside Grill and it was pretty good.

Yesterday we got a 7:30AM start on our trip to Sevierville, Tennessee. We both failed to check to see how many miles this was going to be!! Turned out to be about an 8 hour travel day. Something we said we would never do again!! Oh well, lesson learned. We arrived about 3:30 and were set up in less than an hour. Needless to say we were both beat. Got pizza and turned in early!!

Here are a couple of pictures from our drive here.

Leaves beginning to turn


Beautiful farm in Ohio


Dayton Ohio Skyline


We will be here at the Riverside RV Park in Sevierville until tomorrow morning and then off to SC. We have about a 4-5 hour travel day tomorrow. Still a little long but we will be able to rest up after we get there. Looking forward to seeing the family, especially our grandkids!!

Safe travels to all!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

More Rain!!

Well, it poured rain last night while we were out to dinner at China Wok. We actually had to wait for a bit for it to slow down when we were ready to leave. We made it back to the Fairgrounds somewhat soggy, but not too bad. And we really enjoyed China Wok. Nick and Greg were right about it being good!!

Charley went to the door prize drawing after we got back from dinner. I stayed in where it was dry. Didn’t win anything, again!! Sad smile

Last of the Door Prizes and Nick’s Farewell





A lot of the rally attendees will be leaving today if they can get out. Charley is planning to observe and help anyone who gets stuck, if he is needed!

We decided to stay here at the fairgrounds until Monday morning so that we can catch our football games and the race. We will then leave for SC. Planning to spend two nights in Sevierville, TN and then finish the trip to SC on Wednesday. Kids and grandkids here we come!!

Safe travels to all!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 3 Evening Festivities–Gypsy Journal Rally

Well, after another very rainy, dreary day here in Celina it was nice to get out and join the rally crowd for an evening of pizza and then some fun! You will see from the pictures and videos that everyone had a great time, even those who participated in the beauty contest!!

Nick and his New Look



The Beauty Queens


The Winner


One Video of the Winner

Greg and Jan White – 44th Anniversary – Congratulations!!


For a look at all of our pictures from the evening, please click on the link below:

Beauty Contest at Gypsy Journal Rally

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Two of Gypsy Journal Rally

This is a continuation of our update from yesterday. It was raining pretty heavily at the time we were to go to the door prize/evening entertainment so Charley went alone. He took a few pictures of Nick and the evening’s festivities.

The Crowd and Nick Giving Away Door Prizes

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (2)

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (3)

Nick Trying on his Orange Cone Bra

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (5)

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (6)

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (7)

McKinney Washtub Two

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (8)

Day-2-of-Gypsy-Journal-Rally (9)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Day of Rally

Charley had to go to the rally sessions alone yesterday. I was down with another migraine. Not sure what is going on here. Haven’t had any of these for a very long time and now all of a sudden they are coming more frequently than ever. Will have to talk to doctor when I go for checkup in October.

There was the welcome, introductions of vendors, one session which Charley did not go to, and door prizes, so I did not miss much. Charley enjoyed himself and continues to run into people he knows through blogs!!

Today Charley and I went to one of the Geeks on Tour sessions on Picasa. We continue to learn more and more about this application and we fully intend to use it more and more. Geeks on Tour certainly knows a lot about it. We have joined their membership and have access to all of their tutorials, on all the subjects they cover for full timers.

Charley is at one of Nick’s sessions right now and then we will be going back for door prizes and the evening entertainment later today.

More later!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

And the Rally Begins

The Gypsy Journal Rally begins this afternoon at 3:00. People will still be arriving and getting registered up until that time I would imagine.

We are really looking forward to seeing how Nick runs his rally and attending a number of the sessions being offered. We are also looking forward to the entertainment planned for the week.

Will post an update after today’s activities.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just Waiting

We are not doing much because it is raining today and a little cool. Just planning to stay in, watch lots of football and wait patiently for the Gypsy Journal festivities to begin! We expect to see a lot of folks arriving today for early bird check-in.

We tried Facetime with our daughter last night, me using my iPhone4 and she was using her iPad2. This works great and will definitely be replacing SKYPE for us! The quality of the video and sound was 110% better.

We are planning to use Hangouts in Google+ after the kids get Google+ installed. The quality of that one beats SKYPE by leaps and bounds as well.

More later!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Afternoon Update

When my husband, better known as Charley, decided to "finally" do what I told him to, we were able to get our tri-pod dish to work for our HD channels. And, yes, he knows that I have put this out there for all of you.

Moral of the story - Sometimes "he" is not always right!! I have to admit that most of the time he is right. I have fun with it when he isn't!!


Mercer County Fairgrounds–Gypsy Journal Rally

We left Elkhart, IN yesterday around 10:00 and arrived here in Celina, OH at about 1:30. Had a little bit of trouble getting our rig into the site we were given but Charley managed it.

Everything is great except we cannot get our HD channels on our DirecTV satellite that we have installed on our rig. Talked to DirecTV and the trees here are our problem. We can pick up standard channels just fine but the dish is having trouble getting to the satellite that sends the HD channels. Charley is planning to set up our portable, tripod dish today after he picks up some additional wire. We will find a way!! Must have our DirecTV to survive!! Especially since football season is underway and Clemson/Florida State is going to be on!!

We were pretty bushed after working on the satellite for what seemed like hours but we got some rest last night and are ready to go today!!

Safe travels everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Notre Dame and More Amish Country

We drove to South Bend to see the Notre Dame campus today. We did this for our son-in-law who is a big Notre Dame fan. He has not had the opportunity to visit their campus before and we thought he might enjoy some pictures until he can.

The campus is beautiful as our pictures will show.

We then traveled to Shipshewana and had lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant, another yummy Amish restaurant. We ate family style and Charley got his money’s worth!! I did okay myself. We both brought our desserts home with us.

On our return to Elkhart we traveled through more Amish country and saw more beautiful farms along the way. We never realized how pretty this part of the country was.

Charley is planning to visit the Keystone factory tomorrow afternoon. The rest of our time will be spent preparing to depart on Wednesday morning for Celina, Ohio and the Gypsy Journal Rally.

Notre Dame Campus









The Golden Dome




Amish Country near Shipshewana










Safe travels to everyone!!