Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Day at the Campground

Charley worked today on getting the DirecTV satellite working and he succeeded!! So much better than the cable the campground has to offer. He also got our little repairs done on the camper that were needed.

We went for "all you can eat" pancakes with sausage/bacon this morning at the campground. They were very good. Met some more very nice folks!!

Started planning our tours of San Antonio and some of the little surrounding towns that we want to see (Bandera, Boerne, Fredericksburg, Kerrville and Luckenbach). After checking the weather report it seems that we may have to wait and see what it is doing in the morning before we venture out for the day. Supposed to rain during the night and be over in the morning. We will see if they are right!!

Boy, they have big winds in Texas. I thought several times that we were going to get blown away!! If it had not been for that it would have seemed like a spring day.

Cooking spaghetti tonight with tossed salad. Yum!!

Our posts should become a little more interesting as we get into our touring mode over the next several days. We will try to post a few pictures too.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Travel to San Antonio

We packed up early this morning and were on the road to San Antonio at 9:00 AM. Made several stops along the way and arrived at 3:30. This campground (Braunig Lake RV Resort) is very nice. The people we have met so far that work here at the campground are all extremely nice and helpful. All sites have a concrete pad with a patio. They have free Wi-Fi and that is great, and it really is free. And cable TV!! Good thing since we cannot get the DirecTV connection to work yet. Charley is going to work on that more tomorrow.

We had one accident with the kitchen slide-out. One of my small pictures fell while we were traveling and when we opened the slide-out the picture got trapped and popped the wood trim off. Simple repair that Charley can handle to nail it back on. Thank goodness the piece of wood didn't break!! The picture frame is easily replaced.

Charley has already found out about at least one place where he can check on his "John Wayne" ten gallon hat. He was told that he could not wear a straw cowboy hat before April 1 but he is going to pretend (since he is a new Texan) that he didn't know about that!! This will complete his cowboy attire for now (although he is now talking about a western shirt). We'll see......

Went to dinner at IHOP. We were both in the mood for some breakfast food and coffee. It was good.

We are both pooped but planning to rest tomorrow so that we can start doing some sightseeing starting Monday.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Preparation Day for Travel

Today was pretty calm. Just errands to run before traveling in the morning.

We got a laser light today, thanks to my daughter's recommendation, and Cheyenne loves it!! It is helping her use up some of that energy she has!!

Charley is getting his fried chicken for dinner tonight, his favorite!! We are planning a tailgate dinner.

We will be packing up in the morning and heading for San Antonio. We are ready to move on, not much more to do here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Day of R & R

Well, today was very restful and relaxed. We pretty much did nothing for most of the day. You need a day like that every so often, you know?

Cheyenne did drag Charley around the campground for a few walks today. And we went to dinner at the activity center tonight. Had beef enchiladas and they were good!! We continue to meet some very nice people each time we go.

We both got up at 3:00AM this morning (yes, 3:00AM)!! We had planned to take a nap this afternoon but that didn't work out. Guess when the campground decided to mow the grass around our campsite?

Oh well, maybe we will sleep late in the morning.......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just an Ordinary Day

We had a little snow last night, just enough to cover the grass a little and it melted right away. Supposed to be cold again tonight and then start warming back up.

Cheyenne went next door and got her daily treat from the neighbor. Charley takes her out for her first walk of the day and that is where she wants to go!!

Charley did some work on the fifth wheel today. Put a rack on the back for transporting my wheelchair and installed a sensor porch light. Also had some valve extenders put on the truck so that he can check the air with less trouble.

Cooked a beef roast in the crock pot today. Yum!! Open faced hot roast beef sandwiches are one of my favorites!!

Otherwise not much going on, other than rest and relaxation.

We are ready to head for San Antonio and Charley has mapped out several places for us to visit while we are there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Successful Day!!

We are now fully licensed and registered residents of the state of Texas as of today!! Charley took his Class B drivers test and passed as I knew he would. The weather actually held off this morning so we could get this taken care of. It is now raining and sleeting so we got it done just in time. I still have to take that test but can do it later after I get some practice under my belt. In the meantime I am licensed to drive the truck.

Charley says that now, when he gets his (John Wayne) ten gallon hat he will be a real Texan!! He already has his boots and large "Texas Lonestar" belt buckle. Oh my, I will have to watch him.....

We went to lunch at the campground again today. Had chili dogs, cole slaw, chips and dessert. Met another very nice couple from Massachusetts who are doing this part time. Got some good campground information from them that will be helpful.

Cheyenne is a little hyper today, having to stay in too much due to the weather. She loves being outside and it helps her to use up all that energy she has!!

We are still planning to stay here in Livingston until Saturday and then travel over to San Antonio for a couple of weeks.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter is Returning

We just checked the weather report and more snow is on the way! We had hoped to get Charley's driving test out of the way tomorrow (only done on Tuesday and Friday) and get back on the road by Wednesday but that is not to be. They will not do the driving test in bad/wet weather. We will be staying and taking care of this on Friday if nothing else happens!!

We have a reservation in San Antonio for Saturday and will be there for two weeks. Really looking forward to seeing that city again.

We did take the fifth wheel in for inspection today and got that taken care of. We really didn't realize that there would be so much to this move!!

And Cheyenne is still enjoying the wet dirt outside!! Can't wait to see her in the snow if it comes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cheyenne was Funny!!

It rained this morning and while Charley was working on some things on the fifth wheel Cheyenne (our 5 month old dachshund puppy) played in a mud puddle just like a little kid!! We have pictures and some video. She had her nose under water and was actually blowing bubbles a couple of times. She had a bath yesterday and, needless to say, got another one today. Mud from nose to tip of tail!! The pictures are hilarious....

Well, Charley got his pipe to hold the extra sewer hose installed today. He finally figured out how to do it and it worked!!

We went to the ice cream social at the campground tonight. Met a very nice couple who live here at this campground permanently. They were fulltimers for five years and had to give it up due to health issues. Told us to look them up the next time we pass through.

We have to get up and pack the camper in the morning to take it for inspection. Have to have that before Charley can take his driving test on Tuesday (hopefully). If he is able to take it then and passes we will be on our way to San Antonio right after that.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Saturday for Real

Several people have asked to see pictures of our fifth wheel so we picked out a few to share.

Well, this is our sixth Saturday of this week!! :-)

Charley washed our truck today. Yes, it really is a white truck!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Two Calm Days

Did not get to update yesterday but not a lot happening. We did go to dinner at the campground last night and it was good.

We are going to get the fifth wheel inspected on Monday and go for Charley's driving test on Tuesday. If he can take the test early enough we are planning to head for San Antonio right after that and stay for a couple of weeks if we can find a campground.

Weather is improving, in the 60's today but clouds are moving in with rain expected on Sunday.

Charley has set up the generator and has it ready to use now when we need it.

We both took a nap today. Like I said, not a lot happening.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Busy Day for Charley

Well it was another hectic day for Charley. He had to get the mud flaps installed on the truck and get it inspected. Then went to take the written driving test - yes, he passed!! He cannot take the actual driving test until Tuesday so we will be in Livingston a little longer than planned. He also had several other errands he had to run while he was out.

Then he had a bunch of stuff to do after he got back to the campground. But it is done now and tomorrow is planned as a day of rest for him and he deserves it.

We got the generator we ordered in the mail today so that is good. We have it all packed up and ready to go.

We also got our Escapees name badges today so now everyone will know who we are.....

And Cheyenne had a very busy day too. It is bad when the puppy gets invited out and we have not yet had an invitation... One of our neighbors invited her to go to the dog park today and it was about a 2 mile walk. She enjoyed it, and yes you can tell..... She also crashed right after she got back and took a good nap!!

She has also made friends with another of our neighbors and gets a treat from her every day. She has learned to go there when she goes out and keeps hoping for extras!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Hectic Day

Sherry is now a licensed driver in the state of Texas but only for the truck with no fifth wheel attached!

We found out when we arrived this morning that we have to take the written and driving test due to the weight of our truck and fifth wheel combined. Charley got the little handbook (it has been a very long time!!) so he could look it over before taking the test. And we are going to see what they do on Charley's driving test before Sherry makes plans to take it. Charley does the majority of the driving anyway..... He is going in the morning for the written test and then back on Friday for the driving test (if he passes okay) .... Once we see how that goes then we will decide how much practice Sherry needs before actually taking the test. She can drive it on major highways but backing and turning will require practice. Oh well.

We are now waiting on the DirecTV technician to get here to connect us so that our lives can get somewhat back to normal. It is amazing how much having TV means.... more later.

Well, we just finished a quick dinner after the DirecTV guy finished up. Hurray, we have TV!!

Now maybe our lives will seem more normal.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Errands and Small Stuff

Well, our first day in Livingston has been pretty busy so far!! We had to run a few errands and check on getting our truck inspected. Found out that we have to get mud flaps put on before we will pass inspection. We have those ordered and they are supposed to arrive Wednesday.

We could not do anything about our drivers license or voter registration since today was a national holiday and all of those offices were closed.... so that is first on our list for tomorrow.

We also found out about a place that will make us name badges for our RV Club so that we can wear those to the social functions at the campgrounds. That will make it a lot easier on us and everyone else!!

Only problem continues to be getting DirecTV set up with the portable dish. And hurray!!!! the technician is supposed to be here between 12:00 and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to help with that..... This will certainly help us both (especially Charley)... He missed the Daytona 500 yesterday and that did not make him very happy!! Right now we have NO TV at all, even the antenna will not work.. but tomorrow will resolve that if all goes well.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are in Texas!!

We left Lafayette, LA at 8:00AM this morning and arrived in Livingston, TX at 12:30. We are all set up except for our DirecTV which will be done on Tuesday afternoon when the technician comes to set up our portable dish. We are planning to stay at least one week here, getting our drivers licenses, vehicle inspections and voter registrations taken care of. They have a lot of fun activities here at the campground that we also plan to take advantage of.

We continue to learn better ways of doing things and we're sure that will continue. For example, it is taking us a lot less time now to get packed up and ready to get on the road than it did a week ago and getting set back up at our new location seems to be taking less time also.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We are on our way again!!

We left Summerdale this morning and arrived in Lafayette at around 4:00 CST. It was very cold this morning and all the rain had frozen our sewer pipe. We could not get it back in the holder so had to take it apart and wait until it thawed! Otherwise a pretty uneventful day, except for the very bumpy Bay Bridge ride (20 miles) after we got into Louisiana. We were very surprised that nothing was broken or had fallen out of cabinets when we got here!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Plans can continue to change!!

Well, we are staying in Summerdale, Alabama one more day. Weatherman has predicted snow and ice starting mid-morning with the possibility of some accumulation. Since this is our first adventure in our fifth wheel we felt that it might be safer to just remain here. It is raining cats and dogs anyway......

If everything clears enough by tomorrow morning we will be on our way again.

We are planning to check out more of the campground facilities today and we have signed up for the dinner tonight (baked spaghetti). Dinner will be followed by the coronation of the campground's king and queen for their Mardi Gras celebrations that start this weekend and some skits followed by a live band. Should be fun!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plans can change!!

Well, plans change but it is an adventure!! We arrived in Summerdale, AL yesterday (2/10). We found a place to get our Montana repaired under warranty today (2/11) so we will be spending two nights here in Summerdale.

If the weather does not prevent it, we are planning to leave here tomorrow headed for Livingston, TX with one more overnight stop on the way.

The weather is not good. It is cold, windy and we are hunkered down in the camper to stay warm. Cheyenne (our 5 month old dachshund puppy) is taking a nap right now on the heating pad and I (Sherry) am fighting for my share of it. The weatherman is still saying we might see some frozen stuff before this is over.

We are doing great and enjoying ourselves even though we had some unexpected problems.

Update - it is sleeting at 3:00 in the afternoon. Who knows where we may be tomorrow!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We are on our way!!!

We left Blythewood, SC the morning of 2/8 and traveled to Pine Mountain, GA where we camped in the FDR state park for a couple of nights. This is a campground that is rather rustic but it is so peaceful and quiet, and very pretty. We decided to stop here for a couple of nights because we had been so busy working to get everything ready and needed a little rest and relaxation.

We are continuing our journey to Livingston Texas beginning tomorrow, 2/10.

The only things worthy of mention at this point is that we love it and each day is an adventure. We are learning new things about our fifth wheel that we did not know before as well as learning things to watch out for in our travels. Right now we are having a problem with one of our tank valves and will have to find a place to get it fixed. Looks like there is a dealer near our next overnight stop so maybe we can get it fixed in the next two or three days.