Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Weekly Update

We went shopping today for a new recliner for Charley and he found one. It is a LA Z BOY brown leather oversized wall hugger. How is that for a description??? Seriously, it is very nice. We had been planning on replacing the original recliners that came with our 5er with better quality ones. We just recently decided that we would go with one versus two since my perch is on the sofa. And I will steal the recliner from him when I need it. Devil We hope to be able to pick up the new one on Friday.

Also had another doctor visit for a checkup today and that went well. So far nothing but the scheduling of tests that have to be done on a regular basis. All goodness!!

Still haven’t finished our cleanup chores yet. What can I say? We are retired you know.Open-mouthed smile

We are still planning to become snowbirds and head for south Alabama in January.

I took on a huge project about 1 1/2 weeks ago. We had most of our pictures stored electronically, either from those uploaded from our cameras or stored on CD’s or scanned into the computer and then put on CD’s. You name it, we had it. Well, I decided that we needed to get these stored in a more protected way so we bought a 1 TB external hard drive to use primarily for this and then I got started. Well, needless to say, this became much bigger than I originally thought and I am still working on it. We had duplicates and I decided to try to find them all. I am also trying to group the pictures and name the files so that we know what they are. This is fun for me because I love organizing things. I am very close to being done with what we have. We still have a few photo albums stored somewhere (?) that we need to pull out so that I can scan and save those. Keeps me busy, you know?

More later.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

We are still trying to get all of our cleanup activities taken care of. There have been a lot of unexpected grandchildren activities including one field trip that have prevented us from making a lot of progress but we hope to get on it soon. Aside from this we do not have much going on right now other than doctor visits and family stuff. Charley and I were talking just yesterday that we already miss being on the road and are looking forward to our next journey in January.

Welcome to the new followers that have joined us in the last couple of weeks. Sorry that the timing is not just right for seeing much about us right now but we will be back!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mid-October in SC

Well, we are continuing to work on clean up activities from our two months of travel. Charley has started on getting all the bugs removed from our 5er but there is still more of that….. The truck has only had some reorganizing done so far, she still needs a bath! What can I say, we are both being a little lazy since we returned but we will get back on track soon. We did get some much needed cleanup finished inside the 5er this week.

For those of you who kept up with us throughout our trip, our grandson’s name is Jed (nickname that comes from his name - Jason Edward Dilworth, Jr). He was apparently a big hit at school when he returned from Yellowstone with all of his pictures, brochures and stories. Even though he enjoyed the horseback riding the most it seems :-)…..

The fall weather is beginning to move into the midlands of SC. Leaves are turning and falling and temperatures are becoming more tolerable. We will try to take some pictures of the fall colors here and post them later.

The holidays will be here soon and I cannot believe it. 2010 has flown by but it has been a really fun year.

More later.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Update

We have been very busy with family the last few days. Just checking in to let everyone know we are still kicking!! The rest of the month of October will be dedicated to getting in for a number of doctor visits, including flu shots, and getting the 5er and truck all cleaned up from our travels. They are both a mess!!

Hope everyone is doing well and getting prepared for winter!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We are in SC

We arrived in Bythewood, SC yesterday afternoon and have been hugged and hugged and hugged!! It was so good to see our grandchildren, they make us feel so loved and special!! We have our youngest granddaughter’s birthday party tomorrow and that will be fun. She is turning 4.

We will be taking time off from our travels until after the holidays so updates to our blog may be a little less frequent than they have been. We will be keeping up with all of you while we are “resting”….. and then on to sunny south Alabama in January with plans to be there for about 2 months.

It has been a fun couple of months but we look forward to moving at a much slower pace from now on. 9,000 miles in 2 months is just too much!!

Stay tuned and we will too!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel to South Carolina

We left Talladega at about 8:15 this morning and arrived at Crooked Creek RV Park in West Union, SC at about 3:30 (one hour time change included). Got all set up, made a quick grocery run and then did dinner with my sister, Pat, who works here at the park. After dinner took some time to show her some of our pictures from the trip.

We are tired and looking forward to visiting with some of our family for a couple of days (Charley’s Dad and my Mom mainly). Then it will be back to Blythewood, SC to see the kids and grandkids on Friday!!

Sorry, no pictures today….. Camera did not even get turned on!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Talladega, Alabama

We are now in Talladega, Alabama. Arrived here at about 2:30. Another boring drive.

Traveled on FUT22, the future site of I22 corridor.

We did not get to do very much in Memphis. As you can all see our blog has not been updated since Friday. I had a migraine that simply would not go away and was in bed for two days!! Back in commission now and on the road again…..

One thing that we did get to do was enjoy some Memphis BBQ. Went to Corky’s BBQ, which was highly recommended by campground personnel and one fellow full-timer. It was delicious. They actually ship their BBQ so we got one of their catalogues to take with us.

We did get a few pictures but not very many good ones. We had already decided that the Graceland tours were not for us, way too expensive. Rode down to Beale Street and found that to be very much like Bourbon Street in New Orleans and with the way I was feeling we decided not to stay.

We will just have to come back again later for another visit and see all the stuff that we missed this time.

By the way, we have to mention this and share with you what a small world it can be. And we cannot say it any better than Brian Gore, another fellow full-timer whose blog Charley follows regularly. Below is a copy from his post.

“Had one interesting incident on I-25 rollin' to Denver. A big, white, Ford F-450 pulled up alongside in the heavy, bumper to bumper traffic... For a minute I figured they were just checkin' out the bozo with all the motorcycles adorning his rig :o) ... and then he started tootin' his horn!
First thought in my head was; "Aw hell... what have I broke now that I can't see?" When I looked over the driver started hollerin' out his passenger window, but over the road noise of those diesels... my artillery ears couldn't make sense of what he was shoutin'...
... so he tried a couple more times... and between reading his lips... and straining my ears... it finally got through... "I Read Your Blog!" :o)
He sent me a message later via the facebook do hickey... that they were on a trip from South Carolina to Yellowstone... and were on their way home... He'd spotted the old flatbed dodge pullin' a "White" trailer... with TWO bikes... and "Had to speed up to see the Driver"... :o)
Now, think about this... they go all that way... thousands of miles... and our paths manage to cross in that little piece of highway we share for just a very little while... and he recognizes my old rig and manages to shout a "How Do" across the highway... What are the odds?
THAT, was pretty cool! :o) and a really nice way to soften a genuinely stressful day...”

Charley took me by surprise when he said “I know that guy” while we were were driving down I-25. I thought he was joking!! Silly me…. As Brian said, what are the odds….??

Beale Street

Elvis’s Plane – the Lisa Marie (the only thing we could see without taking a tour)

Memphis Skyline

Birmingham, AL Skyline

Friday, October 1, 2010

Travel to Memphis Tennessee

We left Little Rock at around 8:00 this morning and arrived in Memphis between 10:30 – 11:00. No pictures today, only took a couple of the Mississippi River when we crossed it and I will include those tomorrow. Since I started the day with a major headache and cannot seem to kick it today will be very quiet.

We are actually staying at the Elvis Presley Blvd RV Park. It is about 1 1/2 blocks from Graceland. We saw Elvis’s jet plane on display as we passed by it on our way here.

We are planning to watch the Clemson football game tomorrow (kickoff at 11:00AM CDT) and then head out for some sightseeing followed by some Memphis BBQ for dinner. Not sure if we will have to take one of the tours to actually see Graceland or not but I would guess that we would have to. Our hope is to just snap a few pictures from the outside. Not really interested in the grand tour but we will see….. There are many other sights to see here based on the brochures we picked up and Charley’s research.

I promise a better update tomorrow.