Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finally Back at Home!

Got home from the hospital yesterday about 4:00PM. What a day!! Told we were going to be going home early in the morning and then had to wait most of the day to get all the paperwork and arrangements taken care of. But that is normal I guess. All I know is that I was ready to come home!!

The week started out all wrong. We checked in at Duke Hospital on Monday afternoon around 5:00, as instructed. It took about an hour to get checked in and into a room. Mid morning Tuesday we were told that they would not be able to do the feeding tube surgical procedure until Wednesday. Well, that didn’t make me happy at all but then my body kicked in and decided to get a migraine. This one made me very nauseous so there was no way to do it that day. That night (Wednesday) they put in the nose tube and I don’t care what anyone says, I would rather give birth!! The only good thing about this was that they could use it to put in the barrium and I did not have to actually drink it. I was hoping to have my surgery early Thursday morning but it was 2:20PM before they took me in. I was back in the room at 3:45PM.

Not a long surgical procedure at all but….. now the healing begins and there is a lot of soreness at the site of the surgery. We learned how to do the feedings, had everything ready to go and finally got to leave the hospital about 3:00.

It was so good to get home and see my fur babies. They seemed happy to see me too! The supplier for my oxygen came last night at 9:15PM to get us set up and trained on how to use the pump, stand and bags for the feedings. I will be getting fed 12 hours each night and this will supplement my diet with an additional 900-1000 calories per day plus a lot of other vitamins and nutrients that I probably need,

Now my goal is to get all healed up so that I can get back to a more normal routine and do some things for myself again. Not sure when I will get back to the fitness center yet but hope it will not be too long.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Off to the hospital!!

Well, I will be checking in at Duke Hospital this afternoon. Will be getting a feeding tube inserted so that I can finish gaining the weight the doctors want me to gain before they will list me for a transplant.

Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this but I am sure it will go fine. Just want to get in there, get it done, and get back home with Charley and my fur babies as soon as possible!!

Stay tuned and I will report in when I get home!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Update

Just found out that my feeding tube surgery has been postponed until next week. Something related to insurance….. who knows…..

Will post more later this week.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I feel so bad that I have neglected our blog the last two weeks!! It has been rather hectic for us. Lots of doctor visits, tests, and exercise along with a couple of days that found me not feeling too well.

Last week we received news from our coordinator at Duke that led us to believe that we were on the verge of being listed. That got us so excited!! BUT, it was not to be. She tells us that the transplant team changed their minds and decided that I had to continue to focus on gaining weight and that my goal is 105. I weighed 95 at my last doctor visit. So 10 pounds to go. To help me with this goal they are scheduling the procedure to insert a feeding tube so that I can supplement what I am doing even more. We are waiting on our coordinator to let us now when. We think I may have to be in the hospital overnight but not really sure.

We are continuing to enjoy our stay in Spring Hill Park. The folks here are very nice and helpful. One of the ladies who lives here permanently has agreed to help us out with our fur babies when I have to be away for any length of time and also when I get called for my transplant. She is so nice!

We were hoping to have some great news by now. I know that Duke is doing everything they can to make sure that my transplant will be a complete success so I am trying not to be too disappointed with the further delay!

Hope everyone out there in blog land is doing well!! Safe travels to you all!!