Thursday, September 30, 2010

Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas

We left Oklahoma City at 8:30 this morning an arrived here in Little Rock at around 3:30 this afternoon. Staying at the Downtown Riverside RV Park, a very small campground in downtown Little Rock. It is an okay place for a one night stay, no cable, no sewer connections and none of the amenities we have grown accustomed to. But for an overnight it is fine.

The drive here was VERY boring. I-40 did not offer much in the way of scenery, mostly just trees between the exits…. ho, hum. We did not think we would ever say it but, the plains of Colorado and Kansas were much more interesting!! Needless to say there are no pictures to share tonight…..

We will be packing up and heading for Memphis in the morning and will be there for three nights. Several things we plan to see there so the pictures will be returning soon!!


A note to everyone who has joined us as blog and network blog (facebook) followers since we started this adventure…. THANK YOU!! We appreciate you travelling along with us. We also enjoy and appreciate all the nice and at times very helpful comments that keep coming our way. My apologies for not saying thank you sooner!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sightseeing in Oklahoma City

First, I want to mention that recently someone from Quebec, Canada sent me an email asking for advice on full-timing from someone who is new to it. Her name is Andree Faucault and the email address she used was I have tried every variation of this address that I could come up with and none are working. Andree, if you see this please send another note with a correct address and I will be glad to share with you.

Now, my update……

We went to see the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum today. Visiting the site of the bombing brought back many memories of when that occurred and how frightening it was. The memorial that this city has constructed is beautiful. I hope that the pictures that I am attaching will help describe it better than I can in words. It is actually built on the site of the building that was destroyed. It is so sad to see the wall where memorabilia have been left to honor those who lost their lives that day.

We enjoyed visiting the Cowboy museum also. Part of this museum is dedicated to artwork depicting the old west and part of it actually houses artifacts from that period in our history. One section, the part dedicated to native Americans, was closed so we missed that. And, lucky us, it turns out that effective 9/1/2010 they started not charging admission on Wednesday’s and we picked a Wednesday to go!!

Cheyenne got to tour both of these with us and rode in the wheelchair with me (lazy, huh?). She is such an angel of a puppy though. Not a sound and friendly with everyone!! She certainly helps us meet new people everywhere we go!!

We will be leaving for Little Rock, Arkansas in the morning for a one night stay and then on to Memphis for two nights after that. On our way east to spend the next few months with family. Cannot wait to see those grandkids (and kids) of ours!!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Be glad to answer any questions for you if you have plans to visit here soon.

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

And I had to include a picture of John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!! There were many others also honored.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travel to Oklahoma City

We left Russell, Kansas at about 8:30 yesterday and arrived in Newcastle (Oklahoma City), Oklahoma at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Checked into the A-AAA Adult RV Park which is very nice and quiet with large sites. We are not too far from the city but far enough to miss the hustle and bustle that comes with being in a large city.

Charley has gone this morning to get our F450 serviced. Needed an oil change and a leak fixed (losing coolant). Hope he will be back soon.

We are planning to stay here until Thursday morning for some much needed rest and to see some of the sites in this area. One thing that we do plan to see is the site of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The pictures that we have from our travel across Kansas and into Oklahoma are not spectacular but I have a few of them below.

Kansas – Flat, Farmland, Air Turbines

Entering Oklahoma – TREES!!

Oklahoma City Skyline


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Travel to Russell, Kansas

What a boring drive!! Everything looked pretty much the same for the entire trip! We did see one thing new, feeder lots for cattle. They were huge and were filled with hundreds of cattle. Needless to say, the aroma was strong!!

We left Greeley at 8:30AM Mountain Time and arrived in Russell at 4:30 Central. Losing an hour is not a good thing on a long travel day….

We are planning to leave early in the morning headed for Oklahoma City. We are going to stay two nights there and get some rest (I hope)… Will be staying at our first “adults only” campground.

No pictures again today, like I said…. boring….

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Day in Greeley, Colorado

We have spent today relaxing, watching football,  and getting ready for a couple of days of hard travel to get back east by the deadline we have set for ourselves. Planning to head out early in the morning on our way to Russell, Kansas where we will spend one night and then on to Oklahoma City where we plan to spend a couple of nights.

Getting ready to start dinner so that we can watch the Gamecocks play Auburn. Will be interesting to see how this compares to the Auburn/Clemson game.

Travel to Greeley Colorado

We left Cheyenne, Wyoming at about 9:00 this morning and arrived in Greeley, Colorado around 11:00. We took very few pictures but the scenery was not much different from the trip across Wyoming. Only sharing those that may be of interest.

Took time to have lunch in the middle of getting set up and then hooked up the satellite dish so that Charley can get his football fix tomorrow before we get on the road again.

Went to dinner with Charley’s first cousin, Janis, her husband, Dick, and their son, Benton. It is so nice to have an opportunity to visit family while on the road, especially those you do not get to see very often. They treated us to a delicious dinner at their home and the company was even better.

Wind Turbines (is this what they are called?)

Couple of scenic shots – not much new

Cheyenne waiting patiently for the road workers to let us through!!

Janis, Dick, Cheyenne, Charley and Me

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Well, we spent the better part of today on the road. Left Salt Lake City around 8:15 this morning and arrived at A. B. Camping RV Park at 4:30. This is a very nice, family owned campground. The owners are very friendly and helpful. They also run a BBQ restaurant as a part of their business and we just had to check it out for dinner tonight. It was delicious!! We have not eaten our desserts yet, homemade banana cream and chocolate pie!! Will make a very good bedtime snack. I am sure they will be delicious too….

The drive from Salt Lake City to Cheyenne was sort of boring. The scenery was pretty much the same for 90% of the trip which makes for a long day. I have attached pictures of what we found interesting. The one part of the trip that we found the most interesting was some of the hills and the wind erosion that has occurred. Some of the areas looked very similar to the badlands of South Dakota. For the most part though, the southern Wyoming countryside is pretty desolate. No crops or anything like that, just hay fields in some places. We did see a lot of cattle, some horses and a few herds of Pronghorn deer. But no buffalo this time!! :-) The scenery did improve as we got closer to Cheyenne, as you will see in the last 3-4 pictures.
The wind was extremely strong for our entire drive here. Fortunately it was tail winds. That helped our fuel mileage for this leg of our trip!!

We will be leaving for Denver in the morning and hope to be there for a couple of days. Charley is checking on a campsite now. We are also hoping to be able to visit with Charley’s first cousin, maybe do dinner with her and her family, while we are there, if schedules work out okay.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Last Day in Salt Lake City

We did our sight seeing in Salt Lake City today. We went to Antelope State Park to see the best views of the great Salt Lake. Got some pretty nice pictures while we were there. And, believe it or not, we also found more Pronghorn and Buffalo along the way!! :-)

We also went back downtown to get better pictures of Temple Square and the home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The pictures from earlier this week were not very good. It was raining but we managed to get a few fairly good pictures.

Charley also got a couple of pictures of a beautiful sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains.
Salt Lake City is a typical large city with lots of traffic! We will be glad to get back into the small town, scenic environment.

And, believe it or not again, we did change our plans once again and we will be going to Cheyenne after all. We are going to break our rule and travel about 400 miles tomorrow which will be a very long day for us. We are only going to spend one night in Cheyenne and then travel on to Denver. We are planning to go to the Escapees Rally in Gillette, Wyoming next year and will spend more time in Cheyenne and the surrounding area then.

We are going out to dinner after our trip downtown and then coming back to rest up for tomorrow.

The sunrise

Antelope State Park / Salt Lake

 Downtown Salt Lake City