Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Update for This Week

Well, this has been a pretty busy week!! I had some appointments at the Duke Clinic. One was to start over on my Hepatitis B shots. The first series did not take. And this for a person who absolutely hates getting shots!! Oh well, we do what must be done…..

The other clinic visit was with an ear, throat and nose doctor to check my trachea. The pulmonary transplant doctors saw something on one of my tests from December and again in March. They could not determine what it was and wanted this doctor to check me out. So here we go again!! He numbed up my mouth an throat and here comes the tube down my nose again!! But it was worth it – everything looked good so nothing to worry about there.

Based on what we have learned this week I will not be held up from being listed due to my weight any further. Hurray!!!! And, according to our coordinator, if the trachea looked okay then everything was done. So that tells me I could get listed very soon, possibly right after their Tuesday meeting this coming week. Wouldn’t that be something? If we get listed we will not be able to leave the Durham/Chapel Hill area so we had to plan a trip to see the kids and grandkids!!

After the doctor visit yesterday we returned to our 5er and packed up our stuff and the fur babies and headed for SC. We got here around 4:45 and the hugs from our 2 oldest grandkids were wonderful!! And the youngest joined in when she got home!!  Stacey and Lee (daughter/son-in-law) are coming to our son’s house for the weekend also so it will be a family affair for sure.

If we get listed next week there will be a special blog update to announce it to you folks who have been so supportive through all this!! So stay tuned!!


  1. Wonder how they know the first Hepatitis B shots didn't take? Did they do blood work that gave them the results?
    So glad the trachea turned up normal!
    So glad you can visit with the family. Praying that you get in the list quickly! ~wheresweaver

  2. YAY!! Sounds like good news for sure! Nothing like seeing family, esp those grandbabies! I spent today with my daughter and granddgt -- I am WORN OUT, but we had a GREAT time. Stay safe in your travels...God bless!

  3. Glad to hear you got to have some family time.

    Great news on the medical front too. I hope you get listed quickly and then get the call quickly as well!

  4. We'll be waitin' to hear the good news next week!

  5. So happy for you! Joyce Rush