Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Weekly Update

It has been a long week for us both. I tried to get back to the fitness center on Monday and Tuesday and did not have much luck at all. Starting feeling bad again on Wednesday and have not yet been back.

Feeling better today than I have felt in over two weeks. Did some exercises with my hand weights along with some leg stretches today and also walked around a bit inside the camper to start trying to get ready to get back at it again on Tuesday (center closed tomorrow).

Planning to exercise more at home tomorrow and hope that I can accomplish more Tuesday than I have in over a month!!

I last weighed 99.2 pounds so my weight should be where it needs to be for the doctors within the next week or two. Than I hope to get listed and start waiting on lungs. Have to get my stamina back also, to be fully prepared for the surgery.

Charley is being his usual helpful, loving self. Smile I honestly do not know where I would be without him. He takes such good care of me (inside joke between us)!!

One of very good friends from my high school days is currently in Hawaii (Honolulu) with his daughter who is soon having her second child. We have been in touch during the last couple of weeks and guess what I got in the mail this week. A Hawaiian Host gift package with chocolate coated, onion/garlic seasoned and honey glazed macadamia nuts. I have only tried the chocolate ones so far and they are delicious! What a special treat. And right when I need the calories too!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that you will be remembering all of the fallen military who have made our liberty and freedom possible!

Safe travels to you all!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. You've had a long hard battle but hopefully the end is in sight down at the end of that long tunnel. Our dear friend finally had her spleen removed. She's been sick for the last ten years and has tried everything. Last resort was to get her spleen removed about a week and a half ago and she feels better than she has felt in years. Prayers that the same happens for you and soon.

  2. Enjoy those macadamia nuts! Aren't they good??? And, fattening too...just what you are needing :) Don't save them and don't share...just enjoy.

  3. So glad to hear you are gaining weight! Wonderful news.

    What a wonderful surprise. You are right...those chocolates I am sure contain a ton of calories. Just what the doctor ordered.

  4. glad to hear you are feeling better, Sherry!..enjoy the special nuts!!!..have a great week!

  5. So good to hear your feeling a little better.....Our prayers are with you getting to the top of that list in short order.
    We arrived here in the Hills yesterday and it sure is good to be HOME!!
    Bless you guys...

  6. A great accomplishment! Good for you! So glad you are feeling better! God bless your coming week.

  7. You are working so hard to get where you need to be..Charlie is a real gem. Prayers to you that you get to the top of the list quickly.

  8. It's great to get a good report on your health. Keep up the good work - and eat lots!

  9. as always, keeping you close in my heart! luv ya my friend!