Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Anxious

We are getting anxious to get on the road again! We are talking about a two week trip to check out an Escapees SKP park in Wauchula, Florida that Charley found out about. This will depend on my ability to rearrange a doctor’s appointment so it may not be possible. We shall see.

What we have been doing lately, other than spending time with family, is taking care of some reorganizing/cleaning of the 5er and trying to do some early Christmas shopping on-line. We have found, since we began our adventure this year, that we don’t need all the “stuff” that we started with. And I am sure that this will continue to change and require even more organizing.

And since I am not a person who enjoys shopping (yes, I know…. I am weird), on-line is the way to go for Christmas.

And the cleanup is not yet finished. That is moving very slowly but it WILL be done. We will not take the 5er back out on the road until she is completely cleaned up.

Charley and I were invited to have lunch with our two oldest grandchildren, ages 10 and 7, on Veterans Day. Charley was on stage for a few minutes in the 7 year old’s class to answer questions about his military experience. He retired from the SC Army National Guard with 20 years of service in 1995. The school served turkey and dressing and it was quite good. The grandkids seemed very proud that we were there for them.

This is about it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. We camped around the corner form the the SKP park in a thousand trails park. The SKP park looked good, but appeared to be full with permanent or semi permanent rigs. I think it was a co-op park.

    Safe trip.

  2. Hi, I wanted to make a suggestion. If you are going to shop online, I use this website to get deals. Click on the link below and got to the Hot Tips forum. It has tons of deals and I have used it for many christmas presents, and got a great deal to boot.

    Have a great day.