Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to our grandson Jed!!

We had a nice dinner with our family last night to celebrate our grandson’s 11th birthday.Birthday cake He has celebrated every one of his 11 birthdays by having dinner at Hooters!! Can you imagine? It is sort of a tradition with him. When he was a toddler he really loved having his picture taken with the Hooters girls. Now he is somewhat embarrassed by it all….but he was a good sport and posed for our cameras. Laughing out loud He also has birthday parties and invites his friends and family.

When Jed joined us at Yellowstone in September he let us know that he wanted a western belt with a big cowboy buckle like his Pepaw has along with a western shirt that he can wear with his cowboy hat. So that is what we got him for his birthday. A black western shirt, black belt and silver buckle with a Texas longhorn on it. He tried it on and modeled it for us last night and he looked like a real cowboy!! He kept saying thank you over and over.Winking smile

Not looking good for the trip to Florida before Christmas. More doctor visits to take care of.

Stay tuned!!


  1. happy birthday Jed..oh to be 11 again!!..a cowboy in the making!..good luck with the doctor visits!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jed! I like your style! Getting the folks to take you to Hooters!