Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Almost Time

Well, we have continued to be very busy with family since we have been back in SC. We are now babysitting two of our three grandchildren who are out on spring break this week. Their Mom is a teacher but she is in a different school district and is not on spring break until next week. Go figure!!

And Charley is having back problems but is getting treatment for it. Hopefully he will be all better soon.

We have to get started preparing for our trip to Tennessee for the RV-Dreams rally. We are leaving Sunday, 4/10. The rally starts on 4/12. We are really looking forward to this. This will be the first of three rallies we have registered for this year. Hope it will not be too cool in the Smokey Mountains!! Taking our jackets and sweats!!

More to come….. later.


  1. have fun at the Rally!!.good for you for spending some quality time with your 'grandkids'!!

  2. Sorry to hear of Charley's back problem. Hope it clears up quickly.

    Have a wonderful time at the Rally!

  3. Hope you have a great time at the rally and the weather is good. Charley needs to take it easy with the back!