Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Update –Things Change

We have decided to cancel our plans to go to the RV-Dreams rally. Charley decided that he needed to stick around and help our son out with his business for a few weeks. We are a little disappointed to not be able to attend but family comes first.

So we will not be hitting the road again until we decide when to head for Utah and Colorado.

Charley and our son are both having back problems and trying to do construction work. Sounds like fun, huh?

More later.


  1. Wow...back issues and construction work??? Not a good combination.
    Sorry you had to change your plans but you are so right family comes first. The very same thing happened to us when we were scheduled to attend the rally in Kerrville. Mike's mom had some heart issues and we felt we needed to be with her. There will be other rallys.

    Take care and be careful with those backs!

  2. Sorry you had to cancel your rally plans. It sounded like it would be fun. Take care!

  3. Sorry to hear you had to cancel out on the rally-they'll be others though for sure. I feel bad for Charley trying to help out the business with his back hurting-that'll be tough. You guys take care , enjoy the family and get ready for your travels.

  4. So true that family comes first. Lets hope the back issues are not complicated by all that physical labor.