Thursday, November 3, 2011

Update from Myrtle Beach

Well, I have been a little lazy and haven’t posted for a few days but it has been rather quiet.

We spent a quiet day here at the campground on Monday, taking care of only a few small cleanup chores that needed to be done.

Tuesday was Charley’s birthday so he got the day off from chores. After he took his nap we went shopping for a new pair of boat shoes at the Bass Pro Shop for his birthday and I wound up spending more on me than him!! But that is usually the way it goes, right guys?

Then we went out to dinner at a seafood buffet (Crabby Mike’s) and it was so good!! We both ate too much then came back and became zombies for the rest of the evening.

Yesterday we did laundry and washed the 5er during the day. We were invited to dinner last night at the home of one of our friends (and Charley’s former boss), Jim and “Bear” Ross who live in Georgetown. We had some great food and even better company!! Our two fur babies went with us and were parked in the yard during our visit. Jim and Bear have chickens and cats. The chickens were a new experience for our two little ones. They did not know how to act when the rooster called out cockle-doodle-do!! The cats went into hiding…. We plan another visit when we are back on the coast of SC.

Safe travels to everyone out there!!


  1. YUM...seafood buffet. We overeat at those places also!
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHARLEY! Hope you enjoyed yor day!

  2. Happy Birthday Charley - just a little late. I can just see our fur kids around chickens. Skitz would be scared to death and Scooter would want to chase them.

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like it was a fun day!!
    I think chickens would be a puzzlement to our doggies as well.