Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tigers Lose!!

Tigers lose to Georgia Tech 31-17…. Sleepy smile

We are sad, yes. But a record of 8-1 is still a great season!! And we should end the season with at least 10 wins, if not 11….

And the amazing thing is that Charley and I managed to stay up for the entire game!!

Not much going on other than football and NASCAR this weekend here at the beach. Temps are very cool for this time of the year, low of 33 this morning! Not as bad as what the northeastern part of our country got though!!

Hope everyone is staying warm and being safe in their travels!!


  1. It's not fun when your team looses, but there's always next week. Good luck.

  2. I'm sad too. My Aggies got a butt whopping from Missouri.

  3. Well, one of the top 2 college teams is going to lose next weekend as they play each other. Clemson is having a great season though.