Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Week

Well, another week has passed and we are still on the list but have not gotten a call. I know, I know, be patient…. and I really am trying to be….. but it is so hard after we have been here so long already.

But I will be patient and wait until they have a good match for me and I am the next in line. I would not want to take lungs from someone who needs them more than I do. There are some folks here who have a much more severe problem than I do.

On another note, we have gotten some much needed rain this week as I hope others have as well. One side affect of one of our rains (a bad storm actually) was a power outage Tuesday that seemed as if it may last a while. Needless to say we got concerned because of my oxygen concentrator. So we went to a hotel for the night just to be safe. Had to find one that was pet friendly but that didn’t take long. There was one right down the road in Chapel Hill that was pretty nice. The fur babies did not know how to act but they were very good. Others in the hotel bragged on how well behaved they were.

I had a very good week at the fitness center. Showing quite a bit of. improvement finally!! And my weight is holding its own at 112.

That is it for this week.Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


  1. So glad to hear about your weight. I can only image that the waiting is not a fun thing. But, we keep the prayers coming and soon, very soon you will be getting that call.
    We also thank the Good Lord for all the rain.

  2. Of course the fur kids were good. Aren't they always? lol I'm sure the waiting is so very hard, but we certainly don't want you to get a match that isn't perfect. Like Marsha said - prayers coming your way.

  3. Your patience will pay off,,,,,,,We are all pulling and praying for you........

  4. Glad to hear you're still doing well. Keep eating and exercising and your turn will come along soon. We'll all be waiting with you!

  5. I'm glad you're still doing well and maintaining your weight.

    There are two little Dashhound sisters here that are 6 months old. They are such little dolls. One is colored like Sadie and the other is red and black. What pretty little puppies they are. I could get attached to them very quickly!!

    Hang in there, your time will come.

  6. Waiting is so hard but I am so happy that you had such a good week!! Sounds like great progress has been made and one day soon, as Mike said, your patience will pay off!! We are all pulling for you and keeping you in our prayers!!

  7. As they say at the GA Lottory, "Today could be the Day", and if not maybe tomorrow.

  8. I know you hate the wait, Sherry, but it's more time to put some weight on and build up your strength working out. You're in my thoughts. Get yourself in the best shape possible so your recovery is easier. :)

  9. Miss those perfect puppies!!

    Waiting is so hard. Just keep your "eye on the prize" as the saying goes.