Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Latest

Our nephew was in an automobile accident and was just released from the hospital on July 8. He is doing fine. Charley’s Dad is also doing well. So we are now in the process of seeing what we need to get done prior to getting started on our trip to Yellowstone while deciding when we feel comfortable leaving.

We know we have to get the new rims and tires on the 5er and if the parts come in from the blowout we hope to get those repairs done also. After all that we still need to get the 5er and truck all cleaned up and shiny for the trip. They have both been neglected this summer (too hot and steamy here in SC to get much of that sort of stuff taken care of). And speaking of the weather, we certainly won’t miss that when we get on the road again!!

We will update later in the week and hopefully will have an idea then on when we can plan to leave. There is still a little bit of uncertainty regarding Charley’s Dad and whether we feel comfortable leaving yet but we will work that out in the coming days.

Stay tuned some more!! :-)