Thursday, July 1, 2010

More on Our Plans

Well, the rim situation for our 5er did not turn out as expected. Keystone (Montana) told our rep that the rims for the 2010 Montana were made in China. The company that manufactured them has gone out of business and the molds for the rims were destroyed. So we did our best to get Keystone to agree to replace all the rims so that they would match but, guess what? They will not. So we are on the hook to do this if we want them all to match, and of course we do.

So, having said that, Charley finally, after getting the runaround in many phone calls, got in touch with the actual company that sells tires and rims to the RV manufacturers and we now have ordered our new rims, etc. Charley also ordered heavy duty valve stems for the four tires. He also has all new tires on order with a local store so that we can them all installed as soon as the rims arrive and we can get this scheduled. Looks like the other repairs may have to wait until we return from our trip. Needless to say, Charley probably has a few more gray hairs now than when he started trying to get this resolved!! (Not that he has that many non-gray ones left!!)

We are still planning to get on the road by mid-July unless something else happens to delay us. Everybody keep their fingers crossed for us!!

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  1. Just passing through. Love your blog! Hello from Texas. Hope you are able to get back on the road soon.
    Safe trip!