Saturday, October 9, 2010

We are in SC

We arrived in Bythewood, SC yesterday afternoon and have been hugged and hugged and hugged!! It was so good to see our grandchildren, they make us feel so loved and special!! We have our youngest granddaughter’s birthday party tomorrow and that will be fun. She is turning 4.

We will be taking time off from our travels until after the holidays so updates to our blog may be a little less frequent than they have been. We will be keeping up with all of you while we are “resting”….. and then on to sunny south Alabama in January with plans to be there for about 2 months.

It has been a fun couple of months but we look forward to moving at a much slower pace from now on. 9,000 miles in 2 months is just too much!!

Stay tuned and we will too!!


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