Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mid-October in SC

Well, we are continuing to work on clean up activities from our two months of travel. Charley has started on getting all the bugs removed from our 5er but there is still more of that….. The truck has only had some reorganizing done so far, she still needs a bath! What can I say, we are both being a little lazy since we returned but we will get back on track soon. We did get some much needed cleanup finished inside the 5er this week.

For those of you who kept up with us throughout our trip, our grandson’s name is Jed (nickname that comes from his name - Jason Edward Dilworth, Jr). He was apparently a big hit at school when he returned from Yellowstone with all of his pictures, brochures and stories. Even though he enjoyed the horseback riding the most it seems :-)…..

The fall weather is beginning to move into the midlands of SC. Leaves are turning and falling and temperatures are becoming more tolerable. We will try to take some pictures of the fall colors here and post them later.

The holidays will be here soon and I cannot believe it. 2010 has flown by but it has been a really fun year.

More later.


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