Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Weekly Update

We went shopping today for a new recliner for Charley and he found one. It is a LA Z BOY brown leather oversized wall hugger. How is that for a description??? Seriously, it is very nice. We had been planning on replacing the original recliners that came with our 5er with better quality ones. We just recently decided that we would go with one versus two since my perch is on the sofa. And I will steal the recliner from him when I need it. Devil We hope to be able to pick up the new one on Friday.

Also had another doctor visit for a checkup today and that went well. So far nothing but the scheduling of tests that have to be done on a regular basis. All goodness!!

Still haven’t finished our cleanup chores yet. What can I say? We are retired you know.Open-mouthed smile

We are still planning to become snowbirds and head for south Alabama in January.

I took on a huge project about 1 1/2 weeks ago. We had most of our pictures stored electronically, either from those uploaded from our cameras or stored on CD’s or scanned into the computer and then put on CD’s. You name it, we had it. Well, I decided that we needed to get these stored in a more protected way so we bought a 1 TB external hard drive to use primarily for this and then I got started. Well, needless to say, this became much bigger than I originally thought and I am still working on it. We had duplicates and I decided to try to find them all. I am also trying to group the pictures and name the files so that we know what they are. This is fun for me because I love organizing things. I am very close to being done with what we have. We still have a few photo albums stored somewhere (?) that we need to pull out so that I can scan and save those. Keeps me busy, you know?

More later.


  1. happy organizing!!..can't wait to see pictures of the new lazy man chair!!

  2. Read your blog for the first time last night, the whole blog out loud to my husband. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. Had to stop and regroup every once in a while. You put into words what every wife of an RVer has gone through. Beleive me " Women pray and know death is iminate and men laugh and think its an adventure. Please keep
    writing, you have such a gift. Ladybug

  3. I have multiple backups of thousands of pictures, but have more or less abandoned the idea of eliminating all the duplicates.

    I do enjoy just looking thru them, it is a great way to relive past adventures and remember friends and family.