Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Lazy Days

We continue to act like retired persons and enjoy the fact that we only have to do what we choose to do each day. That is so nice after working so hard for so many years!!

We visited one of the local cafes recently for breakfast and there was a musical jam session going on on their patio when we left. We took a few pictures of the group. I have attached a couple of these along with one video of I’ll Fly Away being led by a very tiny little lady (in the straw hat). She has a very big voice!!

We went back to this same cafĂ© last night for an all you can eat fish fry and it was pretty good. And VERY reasonable – only $5.95 each. You cannot buy the fish and cook it for that!! Believe me, we enjoy finding places like this and again have to say thanks to Jeff and Barbie Boldt for their recommendations.

As I said in my first paragraph, just more lazy days…..

A little lady with a big voice!!


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