Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Little Bit of Rain

Yesterday, early in the morning, we had some rain. Just a nice spring shower or two. That sort of helped settle the tree pollen that is getting to be pretty thick here in Crystal River. It cleared around mid-morning and was sunny the rest of the day. We took care of some indoor cleaning chores that needed to be done but we are not finished yet. Plan to finish these up in the next few days.

Today we made a run to the Sam’s Club in Brooksville, about 27 miles from Crystal River. A nice, short drive on a beautiful cool morning (got back down into the 50’s last night). This trip to Sam’s was overdue – there were several things that we needed to buy in bulk. Of course, as always, we came home with much more than we had planned to get (on our list).

We both took a nap this afternoon and then cooked a big dinner. Now I am getting drowsy again…..



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