Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quiet, Peaceful Days

We really like this park (Rainbow Plantation). It is very quiet, peaceful and well maintained. The sites are very large and level.

We drove to the Gulf coast yesterday and checked it out a little. The one thing we DO NOT like about the Gulf coast is that they do not allow pets on the beaches AT ALL!! At least in SC they will allow you to take your pets on the beach early morning and late afternoon. So we didn’t get to walk on the beach at all.

Today we made a trip to Camping World (after going to IHOP for breakfast) and picked up a couple of things we needed. Then we came back and relaxed until time to make dinner. Took Cheyenne for a couple of walks too. She is so funny. When we are walking her she picks up her leash in her mouth and appears to be walking us!! Rolling on the floor laughing

Tomorrow, we will be starting to pack up to leave for SC Monday morning. Planning to travel to around the halfway point (near Atlanta) and then finish the trip on Tuesday.

May not be updating the blog much until we get back on the road around April 8-9 to head for the RV-Dreams Rally.


  1. our Tucker does the same thing..once he has done his business and is ready to head back inside..leash in his mouth and 'in we go'

  2. Our Rylie likes to take Molly's leash in her mouth and lead her along on our walks! Strange dogs!!!

  3. Be safe on the way home. We look forward to you being our "reporter" at RV Dreams rally.

  4. You're going to love the RV-Dreams rally. We're going the other direction to get to my mom's or we'd be there. Safe travels!!

  5. Travel safely and enjoy the rally. We'll look forward to the next time we get together!