Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day at the Campground

We did not get to the distilleries as planned today. Charley woke up with a very bad headache so we just hung around the campground so that he could take care of that. He did, after feeling a little better, get the truck in for the needed fuel filter change. The technicians also took care of the recall notice that required a computer reset that is supposed to increase the horse power.

We will just have to catch the distilleries on a later trip through this area.

Tomorrow Sadie goes to a local vet recommended by the campground for her next round of shots. Then we will be working on getting prepped to hit the road again Thursday morning for our whirlwind trip to get us to South Dakota. Won’t be much sight seeing for the three days it will take us to get there.

Stay tuned!!


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