Saturday, July 2, 2011

We have arrived in South Dakota!!

After three fairly heavy travel days we arrived in Mitchell, SD at around 3:30, after departing at 7:00AM. We traveled from Nashville to Villa Ridge, MO on Thursday, then on to St Joseph, MO on Friday and then to Mitchell today. Boy, Charley is beat after all that driving. I offered to help with the driving but I don’t think he is confident that I can handle it with the 5er behind us. And he may be right!!

We intend to take it easy tomorrow before we begin checking out Mitchell again. We will definitely be returning to the Corn Palace to see what the theme is this year. That is really a very interesting place and we are anxious to see it again. There is a steak restaurant, Chef Louie’s, that we intend to revisit. We had a great meal there last year. Then just more sightseeing around Mitchell and relaxing for a couple of days before we move on to Sturgis, where we will be staying for two weeks.

We did take some pictures on the way here but none were very noteworthy so we will wait for the Corn Palace!! We did take some pictures of the flooding in Missouri and Iowa but hard to tell what you are seeing in a picture. This was something that we had not seen before. We actually had to detour off of I-29 two times due to flooding on the interstate. Made our day a little longer than planned today!!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Heard about the flooding on I-29, glad you made it through safely! That's a bunch of driving. Rest up good. See you soon!

  2. Glad you arrived safely... Can't wait to see the photos of the Corn Palace!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe