Monday, December 19, 2011

5er Still in Shop

Well, we are still living with our son and his family. When Charley called to check on the 5er last week he discovered that Keystone had sent the wrong gray tank for our replacement. So, they had to ship the correct one and it MAY be in by tomorrow!! Needless to say we are not very happy right now. This has messed up everything we had planned for this week and new arrangements had to be made for almost everything. Not to mention that we are having to continue to impose on our son and daughter-in-law!!

Not only are there Christmas preparations still needed, but I also have a colonoscopy scheduled for Thursday that has to be done for Duke. I would be a much happier person in my own home!!

But, as Charley says, it is an adventure! However, this is not the type of adventure that I can cope with as well!! We will survive and we will get over our frustration eventually…. Keystone may have just lost a customer when we decide to purchase the next time…..

This is about all there is for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! God Bless you all!!


  1. hang in there Sherry!..have a very happy holiday season with your family!!!

  2. YIKES ~ I'd be happier in my own home too... Good luck and hope all is taken care of soon!!!
    Have Fun & Travel safe

  3. I'm always amazed to hear how often RV repair facilities end up ordering the wrong parts. Is it just carelessness or something else? Sure hope this is the only mistake and the rest of the repair goes as planned.

  4. Somehow I have missed your blog lately and didn't realize all that you had been going through. You are in my prayers!