Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring Hill RV Park in Chapel Hill, NC

We have arrived in Chapel Hill and are parked and set up at the Spring Hill RV Park. We were beginning to think that we might be delayed but Brown’s finished what they could do by noon today so we made it!

As you heard two days ago we had a leak in our gray tank that had to be repaired and Brown’s actually replaced the galley tank and not the gray tank. Well, as it turns out that tank also had a leak so it would have had to be replaced anyway – so I guess that is a good thing. They did get the new valve in and installed that yesterday afternoon. Then they found that the new galley tank was not installed properly and was leaking. The tech finally determined that the sink drain line had to be lowered so that the pipe would fit into the tank. This is why there was a leak!! (Half-a$$ed job in our opinion). Not to mention the fact that Charley asked if they checked for leaks the first time around and was told yes, there were no leaks.

We still have to go back to get the second replacement for our gray tank installed (our original problem). So after all of that we are back to where we began, with our gray tank still leaking. We can survive with this problem by leaving the valve open so that water is not stored in the tank.

Needless to say, after we get our gray tank replaced and all is working well, more than likely we will never see Brown’s RV again!!

Note – I have my first appointment at the Duke fitness center on Tuesday and will let everyone know how that goes and what our plans will be for now. I believe we will enjoy our stay here more this time because our two fur babies are with us. We had to leave them with our daughter last time.

Happy New Year to all!! And safe travels!


  1. Yep, don't think we would be returning to Brown's either. We are on the list for a spot at Spring Hill -- in the meantime, we will be moving next Friday to the fairgrounds in Raleigh. Hope all goes well for you on Tues!

  2. Hope Tuesday goes well and since the fur babies are with you, we know you are happier. Happy New Year to you two!

  3. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday and hope all goes well. Wishing you both a very Happy New Year!!

  4. Found out that tank leaks can be patched with eternabond roof repair tape.

  5. Sorry to hear about your leaking problems and hope it is all taken care of real soon!!!
    Happy New Year to you both!
    Donna & Ralph

  6. Welcome to Spring Hill RV Park! We are happy to have you and your "fur babies". We are in #20 (green and white motorhome). I read why you are here and have put you on my prayer list. If I can do anything to help you while you are here, please let me know. This is a wonderful park. We have been here for 4 years. We also have 4 "fur babies" - 2 large black labs and 2 cream toy poodles - and a light orange cat that runs the show! I hope you have a good stay here and are able to leave healthy and feeling good. I look forward to seeing you and the babies around.

    Melody and Daron Jemison
    919 475-6234

  7. hope the new year brings MANY MANY MANY BLESSINGS your way