Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Update for the Week

Not much to report on for this week. I completed 4 more days of rehab at the Duke Fitness Center. Missed Friday due to not feeling well but all better now.

Saturday morning Charley apparently stepped wrong and has thrown his back out. Needless to say we have been taking it very easy to try and give it a chance to improve/heal. And it seems to be getting better but we are not there yet.

We will be getting back to rehab today and hope to have a great week with goals of continuing to improve my statistics.

Wanted to share a new picture of our children, grandchildren and grand fur babies. So proud of all of them!!

Family Pictures 2011 (1)

Hope you all have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful picture of the family. Hope Charley gets back to normal...or as close to possible to normal (hehe)...this week. ~wheresweaver

  2. What a nice family you have! Good luck with your rehab..for both of you!

  3. Beautiful family...praying you and Charley both have a good week.

  4. What a fabulous family photo. But poor Charley - we really know all about those bad back issues. Glad you're feeling better again and good luck with the rehab.

  5. great family shot! have a good week..tell Charley to take care of his back!!!

  6. Super neat family! Both you and Charlie need to behave yourselves. Glad you are feeling better and trusting that Charlie will soon.

  7. What a beautiful family!!
    Good luck with the rehab!! Hope Charley's back is better!!