Sunday, February 5, 2012

20 Days Down - 3 to go

Completed 5 full days of rehab on Friday. Did very well on improving all of my statistics on walking, the bike and weights. The therapists all complimented me this week on my progress. Made me feel good (just like all those nice comments from you bloggers out there)!!

I think that I only have 3 more days to get through in order to complete my 23 day requirement. Then I will move on to a graduate program to see how much more I can improve. Charley and I should be able to work out together some during the graduate program.

We have been trying to get caught up on a few things this weekend that we have been slack about lately. Pretty successful so far in getting some of those behind us. Otherwise just relaxing ad resting up for another week of activity.

The weather today here in Chapel Hill is dreary, cold and rainy. So a nice day to stay inside anyway!!

Everybody stay safe out there!! Will update again in a few days.


  1. It is very warm and sunny down you got the rain we were to have gotten (and didn't). Not complaining. So glad to hear you are doing well! Keep it up, we are rooting for you.

  2. Your news is music to my ears. So glad you are doing so well. Will you receive a diploma after your completion of graduate school? ~wheresweaver

  3. Well another week down. Glad to hear you're still doing so well. Keep it up!

  4. Congrats! Keep up the good work!