Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Additional Update

Charley’s Dad will be leaving the Nursing Center this week. The process of getting his additional therapy set up as in home care is in process and he should be able to go to Charley’s brother’s home this week. This is going to make him very happy for now. The next thing we will begin hearing is how soon he can go back to his home in Walhalla, SC!! He is not going to be very happy until this is accomplished. Knowing him it will be sooner rather than later!!

In the meantime we are getting a few more things done to our 5er. Charley had a blowout last week when returning from getting some service work done on our black tank valve. This caused some damage to the 5er but nothing as major as it could have been. He took it in yesterday to get the damage looked over and get the claim filed with Keystone. Now we have to wait two weeks or more to get the repairs done after they get all the parts in. The damage could have been so much more. We are very lucky!! The warranty work (or so we think – waiting for confirmation) is that the tire and rim have to be replaced along with a few pieces of trim work. Slides were not damaged, thank goodness!!

Due to this and the travel we have planned out west, Charley is also planning to put all new (and better) tires on the 5er. He is currently checking on the best tire to get, probably Michelin.

As a result of this we have also ordered a monitor and sensors for the tires on the 5er and our truck so that we get warned before this could happen again. This should be in and installed within the next week.

As Charley likes to say, “It is an adventure!!”.


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