Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good News!!

Based on what we have found out this week, it looks like we can finally plan to get started on our next trip!! Hurray!!

Charley’s Dad is doing well and should be able to get back to his home town and stay with his sister Helena soon. Until then Charley’s brother, Bob, and his wife, Betty, will be caring for him (thanks guys!!).

So, the steps we need to take to be able to go? First, we have to get the tire rim in from our Montana vendor (from the blowout accident). Then we have to get all new tires on the 5er so that we don’t have this problem again. If possible, and this we do not know yet, we would like to get the other repairs completed also. That is if the parts come in in plenty of time to get it done. These repairs can wait until we return if necessary. Charley also has to install the tire monitor and sensors after we get the new tires on.

The other things we have to do are to get the 5er reorganized a little for travel, get everything stocked up as needed, and get the 5er and truck all cleaned up and ready to go.

Our hope is to be able to get on the road sometime the week of 7/11. So stay tuned, we are almost there!!

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  1. I couldn't figure out how to make a comment on your last comment link?? Anyway, just found your blog and have enjoyed reading and catching up. We started full-timing in August 2009. I noticed one of the first stops you made was to FDR State Park and we are the camp host there this summer. Small world. :-)

    Looking forward to reading more of your journeys.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)