Monday, June 14, 2010

More on Charley’s Dad

Charley’s Dad isout of the Nursing Center and with us this week while his brother is out of town. We are working on getting physical therapy started at home.

He is very pleased to be “out of jail”!! Also seems to be enjoying his great grandchildren and their escapades.

He will be with us this week and maybe next week. Tough to keep him entertained since it is so hot here in SC right now. It hit 100 yesterday and today with a heat index of 107 or better. Hard to let him be outside in that kind of heat!! And he does so love to be outside.

We hope that we can continue to report that he is progressing toward getting well so that we can get plans in place to start our next adventure.

Still waiting to get the camper fixed from our “blowout” and get the new monitor and sensors installed that were delivered the end of last week. Had to file claim with our insurance company and now waiting for the adjuster to get in touch with us. Keystone and Goodyear said “no”…..

More later….

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  1. Well, I'm glad things are starting to get a little better for you. I know the heat has been bad...we have had so many bad storms here in Indiana. I hope the weather gives us all a break soon.