Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Update

Charley’s Dad is continuing to get better every day. He seemed to really enjoy being with us and our kids/grandkids for the past several days. He is now with his granddaughter (our niece) for a couple of days and then will be back with Charley’s brother for a while. He is very anxious to get back to his home town (Walhalla) but understands that he will not be able to be by himself for some time, maybe not ever – it depends. He has sisters who live there as well and they have indicated that he can stay with them so we may consider that after his therapy is completed successfully and the doctor approves. Our niece is taking him to Walhalla for a supper tonight that he has always attended and we know this will make him happy.

Still not real sure when we will be able to plan to depart but hopefully it will not be too much longer. Stay tuned!!

Attached are pictures of Charley’s Dad with two of his great grandchildren (our son’s oldest children, Morgan-7 and Jed-10).IMG_1971   IMG_1969

93 and still as feisty as ever!!


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