Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update from SC

Not much happening right now other than catching up on various doctor appointments, scheduling eye doctor visits for next week for both of us, and continuing to catch up on all that has been happening to our “kids”. “Kids” is the fun part!!

We are taking care of some fix-it projects on the 5er, one at a time. Spacing them out so that there is time left for r&r too!! Open-mouthed smile 

Also planning to give the fur babies, truck, and 5er a good bath as soon as the rain stops and it dries up a bit.

We hope that all of our blogger friends are having a great time wherever they are!

Safe travels.


  1. Enjoy your family time!! I just had my eye exam and new glasses! Boy that can be an expensive purchase!! On the upside....I can see better! LOL

  2. Great times with family. Always fun. Our furkids do not like the bath thing. So have fun with that one.

  3. Family fun is the best and I agree that being a grandparent is so much more fun than being a parent :)
    Thanks for following our blog. I've now added you too.
    I see you're ACC fans, so maybe we can have some fun with that. We are big Carolina fans :)
    Glad we found you!