Tuesday, October 4, 2011

About Time!!

Well, it’s about time I did a blog update!! Did not realize that 9/30 was my last one…..

We enjoyed the Gypsy Journal Rally immensely. Nick Russell knows how to organize an informative yet fun time for everyone. We hope to visit another one in the future. This is what the Mercer County Fairgrounds looked like after most of the rally folks had left.


We stayed the weekend and watched our football games and the race. Go Clemson Tigers!! Keep up the great work!! Enjoyed the peaceful time. Had dinner at the Dockside Grill and it was pretty good.

Yesterday we got a 7:30AM start on our trip to Sevierville, Tennessee. We both failed to check to see how many miles this was going to be!! Turned out to be about an 8 hour travel day. Something we said we would never do again!! Oh well, lesson learned. We arrived about 3:30 and were set up in less than an hour. Needless to say we were both beat. Got pizza and turned in early!!

Here are a couple of pictures from our drive here.

Leaves beginning to turn


Beautiful farm in Ohio


Dayton Ohio Skyline


We will be here at the Riverside RV Park in Sevierville until tomorrow morning and then off to SC. We have about a 4-5 hour travel day tomorrow. Still a little long but we will be able to rest up after we get there. Looking forward to seeing the family, especially our grandkids!!

Safe travels to all!!


  1. When we were in IN, OH and that area, I was always amazed at how beautiful the farms were kept. They were just like in your picture. Just beautiful. Drive safe and have a great time with the grandones.

  2. We are wanting to do a couple rally's next year. How would we find out about it for next year?


  3. That was a long day's drive for sure but the scenery looked quiet and peaceful based on your pictures.

  4. Awww...family and grandchildren, nothing better!!
    You guys travel safely and enjoy!!

  5. Eight hours is about 3 more than our regular day. Sounds like you found just the right recovery plan:)