Friday, October 21, 2011

Visiting Family

We travelled to Crooked Creek RV Park in West Union, SC today after a little bit of trouble getting out of our son’s yard. It had been raining for several days and we park the 5er at the bottom of a slight hill facing nothing but lawn. We started slipping and sliding because we did not have enough room to pick up speed in order make it. Our son came home from work and used his wheel drive Chevy truck to pull us out. He will certainly pick on us about that for a while!!

We arrived at Crooked Creek RV Park at about 2:00PM and had everything set up by about 3:30. Took a little longer because we had some family visit while we were doing this. We were so glad to see them all!!

We will be checking on my Mom and Charley’s Dad tomorrow morning and will be watching the Clemson football game against the NC Tarheels at noon. Then more visits with family. Planning to bring Charley’s 94 year old Dad out to the campground to watch the game with us.

We will be busy visiting while we are here so there may not be any updates until we get to the beach. However, if Clemson wins their 8th game of this season tomorrow I may have to update the blog and brag a little!!

Safe travels!!


  1. It is always a fun time with the family! Enjoy:)

  2. Rack up another win for those Chevy's. Lol. Glad you were able to get out eventually though. Have fun watching the game.

  3. OK. You know I have to do it :)

    Go Heels!!!

  4. So far, so good for Clemson as they are winning 10-7 at the end of the 1st Quarter!