Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Day at the RV Show

In the AM:

We will be going to the show this morning in Tampa and I will update our blog with information later today. Wanted to get one correction posted as soon as possible. There is no dinner for RV Dreamers tonight as reported yesterday. We were looking at forum information from 2010 and simply did not notice that it was from last year. Oh well, one of the results of growing old I guess!! Crying face

In the PM:

Went to the RV Super Show today. So many RV’s and so many vendors!! We only made two purchases, a hat for me and a doormat for our front door that has the following embroidered on it:


Sherry, Charley & Cheyenne

It also has little puppy paws in the bottom two corners.Laughing out loud

We wound up with a very large bag of brochures and catalogs, along with a few gifts from the vendors. It will probably take us a full day just to weed through it all after we finish with the show. We did find a few deals on camping that may help us while we are here in Florida and that is always good.

If any of you full-timers out there have not been to this show you need to try to make it at least one time. It is big. They even have Prevost motor homes that they require the removal of your shoes before you can enter. Fancy that!! Too fancy for us, we didn’t even stop….

Going back to the show tomorrow and will be finishing up. Also stopping by Camping World to get our satellite dish installation scheduled!! Hurray!! After this no more manual adjustment to get the satellite to work! Turns out that Camping World had the better deal…


  1. you aren't old..just don't know what year it is!..have fun at the RV show!..happy dream shopping!!!

  2. Have fun at the RV show. I just read Karen and Al's blog and they too are off to the same RV show today. Hope you don't end up fighting over wanting to buy the same big motorhome!!!

  3. Have fun at the show! Lots of temptation there!