Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun Day at the Show

We went back to the RV Show yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting and having lunch with the RV Dreamers that were there. Met lots of very nice folks and really enjoyed talking to them all. We then signed up to meet them for dinner last night at the Crazy Buffet in Tampa. The buffet at this restaurant was quite extensive, including sushi, chinese, hibachi, stir fry, salads, desserts, etc. The food was okay but the company was great!!

Planning to take today off and do a little cleaning up around the campsite. May have to run a couple of errands but hopefully not too many.

We did get our installation of our automatic DirecTV dish on top of the 5er scheduled for 1/20, when we checkout of our current location. We cannot wait to get this done to save Charley on setup time when we are traveling.

After this is complete we are planning to go to the Escapees park in Bushnell for a couple of weeks. This is one of the ones we visited earlier this week and it is very nice!! We may return to Tampa and try the Lazy Days campground after that if they have a site open.

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  1. Sure seems like a lot of bloggers are at the same RV show, it sounds like a good one. The buffet sounded pretty good too!