Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unexpected Developments

We had to make a quick trip back to South Carolina yesterday so that Charley could take care of something at his Dad’s house today. He dropped me off at our son’s house while he went to take care of this. We just locked up the 5er and let the campground office know that we would be back either Friday or Saturday. So we drove about 7 hours yesterday and then Charley drove about 6 hours today (round trip to and from his Dad’s) and we now have about 7 hours ahead of us to get back to Bushnell. The good thing about this unexpected trip is that we are getting to see our family. We have really missed them, especially the grandkids! We are going to decide later today about whether we will be leaving tomorrow or Saturday.

We will be exhausted when we finally do get back but we will rest up for a day or two and be ready to go again. Hope all this will help explain the lack of blog updates for the last few days.

We did run a lot of errands on Tuesday and we were glad that we had gotten those out of the way before we had to make this trip. Sightseeing once again got put on hold but we will have plenty of time to get that caught up later.

It may be Saturday or Sunday before I get another update in so don’t give up on us.

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