Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lazy Day

Today was sort of a lazy day but this one was unintentional!! The power in this area (a large portion of the west coastal area from Bradenton to Tampa) went out around 9:00 this morning and as of right now has not come back on. So Charley had to go get gas for our generator and get it running so that we had all of our creature comforts like TV and computers!!Be right back We felt sure it would be back on in a short period of time so did not do this until the power company missed the deadline they had set for themselves (1:30)…. Sleepy smile

We really did not have any specific plans for today and I guess that was a good thing. Planning to have spaghetti for dinner and continue to stay in.

We will have to see what tomorrow has in store for us.

Just in case any of you followers are planning a trip to the Tampa area we would like to mention that we are not impressed with the resort that we are staying in. The name is the Spanish Main RV resort. It is one of the Carefree resorts and they primarily deal with permanent situations and not short term visitors. Sites are quite small and very difficult to get into with a large rig.

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  1. nothing wrong with a 'lazy day'...good for you!!..thanks for tip about the RV Park..guess you won't be staying there again!!