Monday, January 31, 2011

A Fun Day Today

We joined the RV Dreamers for lunch today at Smokey Bones in Lakeland, Florida and what a good time!! It was nice to meet and get to know more of this fun group. And the lunch was good too!!

We all introduced ourselves and let everyone know what we are up to as far as full timing and how long we had been at it. Nice to compare notes with others….. And we are really looking forward to the rally on April 12 in Sevierville, Tennessee where we are sure we will get to know everyone even better and perhaps develop friendships (and this means a lot).
We took Cheyenne along and she did fine in the truck. It was not too warm for her and she really enjoyed her bbq treat that Charley took out to her!!

We did get some good pictures of the crowd (27 or 28). Now we just have to see how many names and faces we can put together!!

Attached are a few pictures. Hope you enjoy. Note the before and after lunch plate was Sherry’s (what a pig!!). I saved the turkey breast for a turkey sandwich later.


  1. It was a great pleasure meeting with you all today and fun chatting with you both at lunch. Great write up on the luncheon!
    Have fun & travel safe
    Donna & Ralph

  2. looks like there was a great turnout!!..what a fun lunch date!!

  3. It was a fun day, but I'm sorry I never got a chance to talk to you both! Maybe we can all get together for another lunch!

  4. Like Karen and Al, we would have liked to have had time to visit with you-next time. And thanks for having your camera (and charged batteries) so we have some picture memories.