Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in Custer, SD

Hurray!! We made it safely to Custer, SD this afternoon. We left Sheridan, WY at 9:00 this morning and arrived at Broken Arrow campground at 1:30. Charley had us all set up by 2:30 so we have begun to chill!!

Boy, are we pooped!! Three travel days in a row is too much!! I continue to learn that our fellow full timers are very smart. They tell you to travel 200 miles, stay two nights and stop by 2:00PM. I second that!!

We will be resting for the next couple of days but will report in if anything exciting happens.

Safe travels to all!!


  1. Glad you made it safely back to beautiful SD. Isn't the weather wonderful? Let's try and get together soon.

  2. I agree....that 200 miles-2 days-2:00 rule is a good one! I'm not sure we've ever followed it though. A new goal to work toward.
    Glad you all arrived safely in such a wonderful place....sit back and enjoy!!

  3. Sometimes we don't even make 200 miles ~ LOL! Wish we were there in Custer with you guys!!! we always stop early too!
    Have fun & Travel safe