Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laundry Day

Well, today was mainly our day to get our laundry all caught up before preparing to leave for Gillette on Friday morning. And we basically chilled for the remainder of the day. Planning a light dinner and might watch a movie later. Yesterday Charley washed the cottonwood sap off the top of the 5er. That is some sticky stuff!!

Tomorrow will be a busy day! We have two fur babies to bathe and give pedicures, some straightening up to do in preparation for travel, packing of everything that we will not need prior to leaving and a little bit more laundry (sheets and blankets). We have already planned dinner out at a little place in Custer that we have not tried so cooking will not be an issue....

Hope to have lots to blog about once the Escapades Rally gets underway on Sunday!

Safe travels and hope to see many of you at the rally!!