Friday, August 26, 2011


We have arrived in Gillette, WY and parked at the CAM-PLEX where the Escapades are being held. It only took us about 2 1/2 hours to get here from Custer this morning. We are all set up now and ready to go!! The only down side that I see so far is that the hook-ups are 30 amp. That is going to be a pain, but we will survive!!

Neither of us slept much at all last night so I am guessing the rest of today will be very quiet with one or two naps inserted where appropriate.....

More later.


  1. have a great nap!..and good time at the rally!!

  2. Have fun ~ a lot of our bloggin buddies are there so I know you'll be enjoying yourself. Guess Ralph & I need to think about joining the Escapades...
    Have fun & Travel safe