Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have to admit that I have been lazy the last few days!! I will do a better job of keeping our blog updated, I promise!!

We have not done very much since my last update. Charley has been a little "under the weather" so we have been staying pretty close to home except for a little shopping. We did finally get out today for a short sightseeing trip to Whitefish and Big Mountain, MT. Whitefish is a nice little town, geared mostly to the tourist trade. Big Mountain is a very large ski resort with lots and lots of slopes and lots and lots of lodges and eateries. We got some pretty good shots of a lot of the scenery. Beautiful lakes surround these two areas and they are within 20 miles of Kalispell. A very short and enjoyable trip.

And we did finally get the remote service technician here yesterday to look at our gray tank leak.  He indicated then that he didn't think it was anything serious and came back today to see if he could fix it. It took a long time but he and Charley could not find a leak anywhere. The technician recommended that we to take the 5er in to a Keystone dealer and get them to fix it, which is what we will do.

We are planning to go to Glacier National Park the first of the week. Cannot wait to share some of what I hope will be some awesome pictures!!

The drive to Whitefish

Big Mountain


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