Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kalispell, Montana

We left Rocker, MT at 8:30 this morning and arrived in Kalispell at the Spruce Park on the River RV park at about 1:00. The temperature was 48 when we got up this morning!! Had to have a little bit of heat!! It's wonderful....

We are all set up and Charley has started checking on a place to get our gray tank leak and awning fixed. We have a call in to a remote guy that we hope can help us out. That way we will not have to pack up and take it in to a service center. The one Montana RV service center that we checked with did not have time available for the next two weeks while we are here. Busy place!!

This park is nice and has all kind of space for our two fur babies to enjoy. Lots of running room, lots of grass and lots of shade. The roads are all paved so I will be able to get my power chair out to help walk the fur babies!!

We will be checking in the next day or two to see what our sightseeing schedule will be for Glacier National Park. We are both really looking forward to seeing it all. We will probably get out tomorrow and ride around Kalispell to get our bearings and get an idea of what they have to offer. We are also planning to check into the tour buses for Glacier to see what that is all about.

We do know that Kalispell looks to be a fairly large town with many restaurants to choose from. They have a Walmart too so my medications will be taken care of!!

Well, that is enough rambling. I am including a few pictures from our trip between Cody/ Rocker and Rocker/Kalispell. Just a little bit of scenery but you will notice that Rocker to Kalispell is the better of the two trips.

Cody to Rocker

Rocker to Kalispell


  1. "The temperature was 48 when we got up this morning!!"

    It's just not right starting off with that when we're near 100 before noon here!

    Curious about how you manage the power chair transportation. Johnny got a scooter this year and we have a lift to transport it on back of the Avalanche. Needless to say the Avalanche won't tow the 5er and we can't put the lift on the Ford and pull the 5er either! We'd rather not travel with 2 vehicles and are trying to figure out the logistics!

  2. Sorry about that!! :) As far as my power chair, right now we are transporting the chair, broken down, in the bed of our Ford F450 up next to the cab. We have a lift and will be getting a fabricated hitch put on the 5er later so that the lift can be used with either the 5er or the truck (we already have it set up for the truck). We had to leave our hitch at home this trip because we did not have time to get the hitch done before we left.

  3. Beautiful photos... We've spent probably a total of 8 weeks (at different times) up at Glacier and love it there. I know you will too! The Red bus tours are really good and since they are historic you should ride on one!
    Have fun