Friday, September 30, 2011

More Rain!!

Well, it poured rain last night while we were out to dinner at China Wok. We actually had to wait for a bit for it to slow down when we were ready to leave. We made it back to the Fairgrounds somewhat soggy, but not too bad. And we really enjoyed China Wok. Nick and Greg were right about it being good!!

Charley went to the door prize drawing after we got back from dinner. I stayed in where it was dry. Didn’t win anything, again!! Sad smile

Last of the Door Prizes and Nick’s Farewell





A lot of the rally attendees will be leaving today if they can get out. Charley is planning to observe and help anyone who gets stuck, if he is needed!

We decided to stay here at the fairgrounds until Monday morning so that we can catch our football games and the race. We will then leave for SC. Planning to spend two nights in Sevierville, TN and then finish the trip to SC on Wednesday. Kids and grandkids here we come!!

Safe travels to all!!


  1. I cannot believe all the rain Nick has at his Rally's. I never win any prizes either. Good luck to everybody getting out. We're hoping we're someplace we can get the race this week-end but probably not. Listen to it on Sirius.

  2. HI, like reading your blog.

    How do you get the map on the right side with trip drawn in blue and pins?
    I know its a Google Map, but I can not figure out how to draw our route and then put it on our blog.


  3. Wow, he gave away a Sea Eagle, that's cool. Hope it dries up enough that everyone gets out safely!

  4. Yep, there always appears to be rain on the program for Nick's rallies. Glad you all enjoyed the rally and had a good time. I never win either!
    Safe travels!!

  5. Hi there! We also love staying at some of the Family Camps available to retired military. Tucson was wonderful and we even stayed in FamCamps in Alaska. Thanks for joining up on my blog and I'll look forward to catching up on yours.