Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clemson over BC 36 to 14!!

Our Clemson Tigers won their 6th straight football game yesterday. Now 6-0 and ranked 8th but may move up even more this week. The year has really turned out to be much more than was expected. Go Tigers!!

Charley, our son Jason, our daughter Stacey and our oldest grandchild Jed went to the game yesterday and had a great time. It was Homecoming as you will see in the pictures attached.

We are continuing to visit with our children and grandchildren since we returned to SC and will be visiting more family over the next couple of months as well. We also have some clean up and fix-it chores to take care of including, but not limited to, a bath for the 5er and truck.

Safe travels everyone!!

Homecoming decorations!!

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (17)

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (23)

Tillman Hall

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (24)

Inside Death Valley, just before kick-off

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (31)

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (36)

My four monkeys!! Love them all!!

Clemson-vs-BC-Football (35)

Can you tell that the predominant Clemson color is orange?? Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. College football is sure fun. Great photos. Here in Eugene, we love our Ducks...Orange is the color of that "other" school just up the road (that would be Oregon State - the Beavers). Wishing you good luck - unless of course, we happen to meet in the BCS title game LOL!

  2. Clemson's on a roll for sure. A college football game appears to be a great family day experience!

  3. Hello Sherry and Charlie I imagine it's nice to be home, especially visiting with your family! We always appreciate your comments on our blog. Thank You! Please stay in touch. We'll be together again one day. Duane