Friday, February 4, 2011

It has been quiet

We have had a quiet past few days. Taking care of some chores like bathing the 5er outside and some cleaning inside as well. Ran a few errands including visiting one of the local RV dealers in Brooksville. We needed a new regulator for our propane tanks and the mobile RV repairman recommended this place. They had what we needed so Charley will be putting that on today. We had breakfast yesterday at a local restaurant in Brooksville that was recommended by the RV dealer and it was very good. They had car tags on the wall that dated back to 1923!!

We are planning a day trip for tomorrow to go over to the beaches and look around. We have not mapped it out yet but will probably spend most of the day seeing what we can see. I am very interested in seeing what the beaches look like on the gulf coast since the oil spill.

Cheyenne is having a ball here. Our neighbor’s cocker spaniel (Sassy) is her latest best friend and they have a grand time chasing each other. They are about the same age and full of energy.

We went to dinner here at the campground last night and it was good. The company was even better. You meet such nice people in this environment!!

And I have to extend my apologies once again for forgetting to update our blog more often. I will get back in the swing eventually (sigh). What can I say, we are retired after all!!Angel


  1. Quiet days are good sometimes... We should try to get together again some time.
    Have fun & travel safe

  2. Since we are only up the road from Brooksville it would be good to know the rv dealer and restaurant in Brooksville for future reference-could you share?

  3. I'm sure you found the beaches were just as nice as before the oil spill. Where all did you get to? There are some real nice beaches gulf side!