Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow Birding!!

Well, we Dilworth’s are now in Thonotosassa, Florida (near Tampa) and loving the warmer weather!! It is actually 72 today. We arrived on Thursday and have been getting a few things taken care of and resting up a little.

We are staying in the Spanish Main RV Resort and we both agree that this one will not be visited again. Their website is very misleading – it is not near as nice as it is portrayed to be. This resort is mainly permanent trailers with a few open sites scattered throughout the park. They are not very easy to get into as we soon found out!! There was no way to get our rig backed in to the first one they gave us but we had to prove it to them!! After they moved us we were able to get parked although it took some doing on Charley’s part.

We went on our first outing today to visit the SKP Resort in Wauchula, Florida to see if we are interested in getting on their wait list for a permanent lot there for the future. We have more research to do before we make a decision but we are leaning toward moving forward with it. This was a very nice place and you could tell that it is very well cared for. The good thing about it is you do not lose money even if you decide to cancel at a later date (other than a $25 processing fee). Charley and I are not ready to commit to being in one place for an extended period of time yet but we feel that one day we may be interested in 5-6 months in one location.

We went out to dinner last night. We were interested in a good local seafood place but didn’t have any luck getting recommendations so we wound up at Red Lobster. We will ask around some more to see if we can find one later. We will be doing steaks at home tonight with all the trimmings (yum)!!

I should be updating our blog daily or at least every other day going forward. Sorry to have been so quiet lately!!

No good pictures yet but will share them when we do!!


  1. Glad to hear you guys have hit the warm weather! I bet Cheyenne is loving it too! Can't wait to hear about what you do in Florida. I've been a couple of times, but never in an RV.


  2. have fun in Florida!..eventually you will find a nice park to stay for while!..enjoy the sunshine!!!

  3. Enjoy the warm weather. Wish we were farther south, in is cold here in the FL panhandle.